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Protect Your Voice.


I stand strong in supporting Take Back Our Republic Action.

Thank you for standing to protect our conservative values!

Our Mission

In 2015, Take Back Our Republic Action became the only center-right group focused on the rules of elections. We were attacked by Bernie Sanders’ campaign as a “group with a solution searching for a problem”—but in fact, we foresaw the collapse of confidence in our elections if it were only progressive organizations raising concerns about how Americans voted and campaigns were funded.

In 2016, 38% of Americans did not believe President Trump legitimately won the election.  In 2020, 38% did not believe President Biden won the election. In 2016, liberals claimed Russian meddling via Facebook ads, and we won an FEC decision to require Facebook to disclose who paid for ads. In 2020 conservatives blamed rule changes—live ballots being mailed to tens of thousands of non-voters in Nevada; ballots being collected in Wisconsin by the thousands in parks before voting was legal.

Pay-for-play politics and ActBlue’s unverified contributions turned electoral politics into a billion-dollar industry that funded (among other things) spoiler candidates that split the conservative vote to elect Democrat candidates who did not receive 50 percent of the percent in seven states.

What You Can Do: If you, too, are troubled by the loss of  Americans’ faith in our Republic, we ask you to become a State or Local Coordinator by taking two or more of the following simple actions: 1) Fill out this survey on which election rules should or should not be changed; 2) Make a donation to support our efforts; and/or 3) Share the names and contact info for five (or more!) friends whom we may contact on your behalf, asking them to do the same.

We appreciate your help in Taking Back Our Republic.

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