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4th Ranked Conservative Site Features TBAF President

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

NewsMax, which surged to more than 7 million unique visitors per day in 2022 to rank 4th among all conservative sites, featured this op-ed by Take Back Action Fund President John Pudner today.

A NewsMax Insider since 2017, Pudner’s most recent op-ed focused on the stunning defeat at the ballot box for same-day voter registration and an no-excuse absentee voting - IN NEW YORK. Pudner argues that this makes the case that legislators in Georgia, Wisconsin and other states are in fact representing their constituents when enacting voter integrity legislation.

The year after an election, most political sites lose traffic, but web traffic has increased more than 100% for NewsMax in 2021 to make NewsMax the 4th largest conservative media site. The only two sites to more than double their traffic were Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, and the site of Rush Limbaugh’s successor,

Forbes reports that NewsMax TV, which has also featured Pudner, surged by 392% viewership this year into 4th place of news stations behind Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. Their website layout provides a constant TV feed next to posts, as shown in the screenshot with a segment with MyPillow Founder Mike Lindell video right of Pudner’s column. For Pudner’s entire op-ed, click here.

For more on TBORA's efforts on election integrity, please click here.

Alexa Rank - Conservative Outlets

  1. Fox News—81 million (-24%)

  2. Daily Wire—7.9 million (+139%)

  3. Washington Examiner—7.5 million (-56%)

  4. Newsmax—7.1 million (+126%)

  5. TheBlaze—6.2 million (-4%)

  6. Western Journal—6.1 million (-3%)

  7. Washington Times—6 million (-55%)

  8. Epoch Times—5.3 million (-18%)

  9. National Review—3.7 million (-46%)

  10. Breitbart—3.3 million (-6%)

  11. Gateway Pundit—3 million (+62%)

  12. Daily Caller—2.7 million (-42%)

  13. The Federalist—2.3 million (+30%)

  14. Townhall—2.1 million (+6%)

  15.—1.9 million (+155%)

  16.—1.6 million (-32%)

  17. RedState—1.4 million. (+37%)

  18. CNS News—1.3 million (+1%)

  19.—1 million (+15%)

  20. PJ Media 991,000 (-48%)


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