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Wisconsin Leaders from Waukesha to State Capitol Meet with TBAF President

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Take Back Action met with conservative leaders throughout Wisconsin Wednesday to continue to build support for political innovation to build confidence in our elections. President John Pudner started at the Conservative Business Coalition Meeting at the Machine Shed Restaurant in Pewaukee, where his friend Terry Dittrich addressed business leaders.

and then talked with Pudner.

Pudner then had private meetings near the State Capitol

with more than a dozen leaders of conservative organizations and parked by a church converted into a sports bar and Italian restaurant. One leader mentioned that despite a bit of a Southern drawl, Pudner had run a winning statewide Republican convention campaign for a Speaker of the House - to which a Lt. Governor candidate Ben Voelkel who happened to be seated next to Pudner reminded him he was on the opposing campaign that year. TBAF continues to ramp up the effort in Wisconsin, and also in Maine, which will likely be the subject of a blog in the near future.

For more on TBORA's efforts on election integrity, please click here.


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