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Turning Point Co-Founder Discusses Take Back Action’s Work to Ensure Election Integrity

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

For the podcast between Charlie Kirk's co-founder of Turning Point and TBAF, click here.

In this episode of Humans Making News: The Dissident’s Desk, John Pudner, President of Take Back Action, a 501(c)(4) joins Brent to discuss his organization’s work to help ensure the integrity of future elections in the United States. The discussion focuses on how to reach members of the voting public with a message that focuses less on past elections and more on how to address the issue on a go-forward basis.

Pudner took flight in the national political scene when in the 2014 primaries, he jump-started the campaign of Dave Brat, who would ultimately unseat U.S. Majority Leader Eric Cantor in one of the most unprecedented upsets in political history. Later in the general election of the same year, he would help defeat a 32-year incumbent state senator in Alabama’s general election.

Pudner managed campaigns for almost three decades. His now-famous strategy of outsmarting instead of outspending the opposition was born out of a hobby of extrapolating statistical data on sports teams. With an affinity for numbers and grassroots initiatives, Pudner became known as the go-to-guy to help upstart candidates that didn’t have the financial backing needed to play in the political sandbox.

During his career, he won 3 out of every 4 races and ran an effort to reach 14 million Catholic and Socially Conservative Christians in 16 states for Bush 2000, and winning 16 of 21 state Republican nomination conventions in Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Iowa. His corporate successes included turning out hundreds of residents to numerous zoning hearings to stop big-money developers from overrunning small businesses and residents by violating local ordinances.


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