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At Take Back Our Republic Action, when our stakeholders and supporters expressed their desire for an organization composed of individuals with experience formulating policy and executing multi-state grassroots lobbying through advocacy, we listened. And we responded. Shaped by a team with experience at every level, from serving as former legislators, advisors to think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation or on the staff of high-ranking Republican officials, our team has a record of personally delivering results in every corner of our nation. With a unique capability to conceptualize complex solutions, our team is never afraid to roll up our sleeves to mobilize evangelicals, demonstrate support or opposition for a local zoning issue, knock on doors to talk to voters, or hit the phones to collect data.

For more than three decades, we have stood shoulder to shoulder on the frontlines and experienced enemy fire in the trenches while fighting to protect our values and defend our sacred Republic. In both the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections, the electoral college results were challenged because two-thirds of the losing party did not believe the President was legitimately elected (see John Pudner's Western Journal article). We have made it our mission to restore faith in our voting system, get grassroots activists engaged, and hold accountable the candidates who seek to represent us.



Alex Cucchiaro

Southern Field Director

Alex first knocked on doors for a Sheriff’s candidate at the age of 10, two years younger than John  Pudner’s first door knocking. Winning conservative races in liberal areas was crucial for the Broward County, Florida native born to a legal immigrant police officer and a stay at home mother.


Never shying away from a tough challenge, his first management position came in a race against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, where he was promoted from office manager to campaign manager. 


His organizational skills on that race drew attention and he was made a Field Organizer with the RPOF to help Rick Scott for Senate and Ron DeSantis for Governor (as well as other down ticket Broward Candidates) for the cities of Tamarac, Lauderhill, Lauderdale Lakes, and North Lauderdale.


In 2020 returned as Field Organizer for the RPOF and had the areas of Sunrise, Tamarac, and Plantation where his team achieved an award for having the most calls of any team in the STATE of Florida.


He is the founder and President of the Republican Club of Sunrise Florida, which had the youngest and most diverse cabinet in Broward, and then was a field organizer for the 2022 for Ron DeSantis’ Re-Election, before his first Northeastern effort on behalf of Jay Ruais, in a race that the New Hampshire Review called the big win of the night, when it reported:


“First-time candidate Jay Ruais was the big winner in New Hampshire’s municipal elections Nov. 7, claiming a narrow victory in a closely fought race to become the next mayor of Manchester … The campaign between Ruais — a National Guard member and former Republican congressional staffer — and Democratic Alderman Kevin Cavanaugh turned on core economic issues like housing, downtown revitalization, and homelessness in the state’s largest city.”

He then returned to the South to live in Alabama, and has run field efforts for the Take Back Our Republic Action team as far away as North Carolina.


Anna Carter

Compliance (and Treasurer)

Anna was one of three team members who were on the original team both for TBAF’s former sister organization and TBOR. She originally handled all compliance and accounting for both organizations as a member of the top accounting firm in Alabama, Jackson Thornton, and since 2015 as treasurer for TBAF. She oversees the annual audit, documents every expenditure and donation to provide regular running transactions to the President, and works with lobbyists to ensure TBAF is in compliance in every state. 

Anna serves as Controller for a major Roadbuilding network of companies, and for more than a decade as the Financial Advisor of Delta Zeta Sorority.


Eric Coleman

Western Field Director

Eric is Nevada-based and in 2022 was a Reno Field Director for Joe Lombardo, the only challenger to defeat a Governor that year (Governor’s went 25-1). Lombardo won despite the Democrats winning the legislature, and because they fell short of a veto-proof majority he has blocked legislation. After the former Sheriff of Clark County (Lombardo) upset Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak, Eric went on to work on campaigns in Manchester New Hampshire, Iowa, Johnston County North Carolina, Lincoln County and Elko Nevada.


Eric has patriotism and service to God running through his family for generations. His grandfather trained to be a highly skilled surgeon after serving in World War II on submarines. When given the choice to stay in the States and make a good living or Honor the Lord and make a modest income, Tom P. Coleman chose the road less traveled. Sent to Ethiopia and then Cameroon, he worked as a missionary doctor for decades, even helping to build a hospital in Eritrea which still stands today. Eric's father, William Coleman, studied to be an aerospace engineer and in 2023 retired from Northrop Grumman where he was the chief engineer for the f-35 fighter jet. 


Eric Coleman grew up in Southern California and attended Vancouver Film School in 2004, studying in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he earned a degree in film production. Eric started his political career in 2011 with the Ann Williams campaign for State House, Illinois 11th district. Eric fought frigid winter temperatures and opposition candidates backed by the Chicago political machine to help pull off a landslide 10-point victory for Ann Williams. 


For the next 10 years he worked as an ESL teacher and film-maker alternating between Los Angeles and Chicago, and then ran a couple of satirical campaigns to build videos.  

Eric’s other satirical work can be seen in the Pahrump Valley Times where he has been the newspaper's political cartoonist since January of 2023. Eric's stand-up comedy, short films and theatrical productions can be seen on YouTube. He has knocked on 10s of thousands of doors with his small dog named Killer.


2024-01-28 12_13_11-TBOR Action Staff Team - Google Docs.png
Holly Klucarich

Director of Grassroots and Scheduling

While based in North Carolina with political lines going back two centuries to her direct ancestor Governor Thomas Holt (the subject of the museum), Holly has run large conservative Victory operations in battleground states. Her operations have taken her to Texas, Arizona, and in 2022 as a Northern Wisconsin Director during Senator Ron Johnson’s massive grassroots tour of the state that many consider the difference in his razor-thin 26,000 vote re-election.

Holly showed political acumen by being elected as a young Mayor but then turned her focus to the non-political professional world as a school nurse and then commercial realtor, and recruiting and training sales teams, in addition to running worship services in her church. As she volunteered for conservative grassroots campaigns her organizational skills and experience hiring and training teams led to offers for her to move from volunteering to running organizations on a full-time basis.

Early in 2019 while based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Holly started working for the Republican National Committee, with specific breaks to go to battlefield efforts in Texas, Arizona, and Wisconsin. Coming off of Ron Johnson’s wins, she moved her efforts closer to home and was part of a second consecutive winning effort, this time in Governor Glenn Youngkin’s upset victory. Her production on a large door-to-door canvassing effort with Take Back team members back in her home state of North Carolina led to her agreeing to become Southern Field Director for Take Back Our Republic Action at the conclusion of that project.


Joshua Naponiello

Midwestern Field Director

Josh joined originally as an intern in 2016, and has set up key meetings in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois, and recruited hundreds of members via phone calls to conservative activists throughout the country. From there he completed his studies as a Political Science honors student at Wisconsin Eau Claire. In between projects for TBOR Action, Josh managed teams of volunteers and digital ads for Vanguard Field Strategies from 2017 to 2020 – building the foundation for the organization to knock on more than 3 million doors in one year to win over voters and get candidates on the ballot via petition drives. He has served as both campaign manager and political director on various campaigns, and as Regional Director for the Wisconsin Republican Party organized President John Pudner’s first speech after moving to the state.

He ran statewide pro-life efforts for the Pennsylvania Family Institute, oversaw door knocking in 2022 including in Nevada for now Governor Joe Lombardo, the only of 28 challengers to defeat a sitting Governor that year. In that race he recruited and supervised dozens of door-to-door canvassers in Reno and throughout the northern part of the district, handling vetting and background checks, hiring and letting canvassers at the first indication of fake data or for not reaching productivity goals. He then took a position with the Indiana House Republicans for the 2023 Legislative Session, which concluded in April 2023, and then returned to work on phone efforts and other grassroots for Take Back Our Republic Action in May 2023.


John Pudner

During John Pudner's tenure as Executive Director (2015-2021), Take Back Our Republic compiled a perfect record of five statewide referenda wins in five different states, and Pudner led a 2017 effort before the Federal Elections Commission, in which Take Back Action Fund defeated Facebook, requiring the social media giant to disclose who was paying for political ads on that platform.  These important successes were a prime motivator in Pudner’s transition to full-time President of Take Back Action Fund, where he will be able to focus his attention on political and grassroots lobbying efforts. 

Before shifting his efforts to the integrity of the system itself, Pudner spent 25 years running Republican political campaigns, including the faith-based turnout in 16 states for George W. Bush, and was first featured on Fox News after directing the campaign strategy of Republican Dave Brat’s historic primary upset of Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor. In the same period, he also won 185 out of 202 local zoning referenda, as well as dozens of Planning Commission and Supervisor votes, preventing developments that would have saddled communities not only with massive traffic jams, but also with flooding and erosion. 


Noel Wilkins

Communications/Eastern Field Director  

Nicknamed “Swiss Army Knife", Noel has served in multiple roles across our Republic. As a Field Organizer, he led a team of paid staff and over 200 volunteers to contact 100,000 voters by door and 250,000 by phone. He was later deployed to Pennsylvania and Georgia as part of Ohio’s grassroots delegation. While finishing his degree, Noel served as an intern for Congressman Warren Davidson in both his District and Washington DC offices, aiding senior staff on legislative projects, fulfilling constituent needs, and filling in for the Staff Assistant. He then served as Rapid Response Director for Mike Gibbons for US Senate, providing up-to-date research and advisement while assisting with various communication and grassroots efforts. Shortly after, he served as Press Secretary for Tim Michels for Wisconsin Governor, managing press engagements, relations, outreach, and logistics. He also helped lead advance teams, rapid response, and grassroots efforts. 


As Communications Director for Take Back Our Republic Action, Noel aids in outreach efforts through online content and messaging guidance. He also assists in delivering communications, grassroots, and other results-driven solutions to TBORA and its clientele.




Board, Outreach Focus

Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s former Central Regional Director and Minority

Outreach Director Camille Solberg has joined the Board of Directors of Take Back Action Fund. A Puerto Rico native and former bilingual journalist, Solberg served the Chairman’s Advisory Council for the American Latino Museum, in addition to having founded the Hispanic-American Council and served as Chair of Wisconsin Viva Bush (President George W. Bush). She organized multiple heavily-attended Hispanic events for Scott Walker’s successful gubernatorial campaigns, and previously hosted Pudner, a fellow appointee to Mitt Romney’s National Faith & Values Steering Committee, at Walker’s 50th birthday party before a Monday Night Football game in Green Bay as well as major events for Rawhide (the group formed by NFL legend Bart Starr).


Solberg served on the Governing Board of Take Back Action Fund's C3 sister organization until departing to serve in the Trump Administration in the White House and at the U.S. Agency for International Development. She also served in the Bush Administration.


Charles Hellwig.jpg

Board Chair

The Charlotte News and Observer credited Hellwig with the defeat of heavily favored U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham (“How racy texts surfaced, upended NC's 2020 Senate race”), ultimately averting a 51-49 Democratic majority in the Senate. Hellwig has proven an unusual ability to adopt modern tactics to the conventional tasks of turnout and political engagement (such as the special events and door-to-door work he employed alongside Pudner and Lars Weichman to turn out a record 10,000+ Republican convention delegates), geofencing Trump events and leading interactive text campaigns, both in his native battleground of North Carolina and across the country. 

Hellwig began his career in Virginia politics where, among other efforts, he worked with Pudner on the Ollie North for Senate campaign.  He then moved back to the Carolinas, where he built a real estate business while orchestrating winning political campaigns at all levels -- as he continues to do across NC from his base in Raleigh. Before taking over as Board Chair of Take Back Action Fund, he had a long and varied career as a Republican volunteer, having been elected County Chair, District Chair, and serving on the NCGOP Central Committee.


6 Green Background.jpg

Board, Public Affairs & Communications

Diane has successfully navigated the crossroads of politics, public affairs, and communications over the course of her 30+ year career by remaining faithful to the concept of pragmatic politics where communication is key and getting citizens involved in the democratic process is the only way to move forward as a nation. She is a consultant to government entities, associations, non-profits, and corporations providing strategic and tactical counsel to raise awareness, enhance image, shape policy, and build market share through high-impact calculated solutions.

In the campaign space, she was a contributing architect and Senior Advisor to Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, making history in the Commonwealth of Virginia for successfully electing the first woman and first woman of color elected statewide while serving as Co-Director of Fairfax County Women for now-Governor Glenn Youngkin. Fairfax County is one of fewer than 50 counties with more than 1 million people and 35,000 more Fairfax residents voted for Youngkin than the previous Republican nominee to improve his margin by 7 percent.

She was one of the six founding members of Take Back Our Republic Action in 2015, advancing fundraising and public relations before being tapped by the Trump Administration to successfully direct the U.S. Senate confirmation process for USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue. Joining the Administration in 2017, she spent four years at the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture directing U.S. Senate leadership confirmations and created the Department-wide Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement (OPPE) to strengthen agriculture and the lives of underserved and underrepresented Americans through access to programs and services. Diane also led the Office of Tribal Relations using the same communications and outreach methodologies with our nation’s 574 Federally recognized tribes.



Board, Policy Focus

Hilary Ryan Tucker’s thought and writing has spanned a range of conservative issues, with a particular focus on educating future generations of citizens. A graduate of Boston University, she worked behind the scenes as a speechwriter for two of the most influential conservative think-tanks in the country, the Heritage Foundation and the Acton Institute. In the early 1990s, Tucker was among the first to identify and address the Education Department’s promotion of a modern “Common Core.” Her cover story in Crisis Magazine, “Fiddling While Rome Burns,” advocating the replacement of an education secretary, was an opening shot against the undoing of William Bennett’s important work of protecting and promoting traditional Western thought in our schools. Take Back Action Fund elected Tucker, now active in the Classical Christian Education movement in the South, to its governing Board at the 2020 annual meeting.



Board, Analytics Focus

Braynard, a frequent commentator on Fox News, Fox Business, and One America News, is the former Director of Data and Strategy for the Trump campaign, drafting and executing the strategy of targeting low-propensity voters who had a high affinity for then-candidate Trump. He is the president of Braynard Group, a political consulting firm, and the Executive Director and Founder of Look Ahead America, a patriotic voter registration nonprofit. He has worked for more than 150 federal, state and municipal candidates, including five presidential campaigns, and many national advocacy organizations and nonprofits. He previously worked on messaging and survey research for Frank Luntz, was a senior redistricting and election administration analyst at Election Data Services, and served for three election cycles in the Republican National Committee’s Political Analysis department, joining the RNC in 1996.



Board, Policy Focus

The Boeing Company was a Fortune 10 company during Meggan Abboud’s 17 years as a corporate executive overseeing grassroots advocacy and constituent relations. Current TBAF President John Pudner worked in her effort to facilitate constituent contacts with elected officials in 42 states to win policy legislation to support veterans, energy, the military and business. She also assigned Pudner to launch the efforts of 3-time Super Bowl Champion Riki Ellison to establish the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance and address the need to defend the US from Russian missiles.


Following her early career in Republican politics, Abboud’s 30 years of government and public affairs experience made her a proven expert in designing and executing complex issue campaigns on federal, state, and local levels, as she pioneered the use of third party advocacy on major public policy campaigns. Meggan continues to build clients’ comprehensive grassroots, grasstops and third party advocacy programs to catapult their impact in Washington, DC.  She has developed unbeatable tactics for working Congress, the White House and federal agencies, and as President of Red Reveille LLC she recently launched Vets4Vet Leadership, a 501(c)(4) to advance Veteran leadership in Congress.


Perry Hooper.JPG

Board, Fundraising Focus

Hooper, a key power player in Alabama and National politics, is named after his father, who became the state’s first elected Republican Justice and the first Republican Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court since Reconstruction.  Hooper Jr. has extended his father’s legacy with his own personal imprint. First elected to the Alabama State House in his twenties, Hooper helped guide the conservative movement to make Alabama a national example on tort reform, the creation of enterprise zones, banning partial birth abortion, and innovative paths for new business development. Beyond having a hand in most of Alabama’s conservative victories, he has wielded national influence as a six-time delegate to the Republican National Convention.



Board, Fundraising Focus

Brooks is the CEO of Avast Real Estate, an operation of hundreds of realtors that has been built with his unique method of personal coaching. As a developer, he learned to build in acres for holding ponds and other methods to save developments from flooding risk due to a lack of infrastructure planning ­-- and has also learned how to interact successfully with politicians and other influencers concerned with development. Brooks is a passionate supporter of many causes that enrich our American life, from the mission of Take Back Action Fund to local youth sports.




General Counsel

Coleman is more than just a superlative election lawyer. His work as a conservative talk radio host and a tested political consultant who led campaigns unseating entrenched multi-term members of state legislatures prepared him for hard hitting battles, not the least of which for the research team in the case that resulted in the indictment and removal of a State House Speaker for multiple felony ethics violations. Prior to the formation of Take Back Action Fund, Coleman helped Pudner win local fights to stop zoning variances in the Midwest that would have harmed communities.



Phone Operations

Jack is a History student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. On projects, he completes thousands of calls per week personally, and was the leader in a recent effort that completed 50,000 calls in one week. His interests include government administration, economics, and public policy.


Copy of mims_edited.jpg

Operations Director

Jessica serves as Executive Assistant to TBAF after 13 years as the Executive Assistant in the External Affairs Department with the Alabama Farmers Federation, The department’s main objective is to oversee all activities of the 3rd largest political PAC in Alabama. Other job duties included planning and executing numerous annual meetings, support for all in-house lobbying, billing and invoicing, and providing campaign services such as door-to-door, campaign mail pieces, tracking campaign financials, and polling. Previously, Jessica worked at Palomar Insurance Corporation (where Board Member Perry Hooper was VP) as Marketing Coordinator - setting up display tables at major events and coordinating outreach to potential policyholders.

As project director for Concentric Direct (Pudner), she conducted programming of blackberries and recruiting and training of door-to-door canvassers who knocked on 168,000 doors in Alabama, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 2010 alone. Pudner stated, “There is no one else who ever accomplished more work and wins that were credited to me than Jessica Mims."


Lane Whitten

Policy Director

Lane is an Economics and Data Science student at the University of Wisconsin Madison. He previously worked social media, and strategy on several political campaigns. He also worked a Data Analytics internship at Fox digital and hopes to continue in that field post-graduation.




Logan Martin is the founder of Skyline Strategies, a public affairs and government relations firm. He spends his days fixing client’s problems whether they are big or small. Some of those problems require laws to be changed or need state funding to help fix them, others require a change of narrative within the public space resulting in social media action or opinion editorials being published.
Past and current clients include the American Conservative Union, the North Carolina Medical Genetics Association, the North Carolina Bar Owners Association, and a myriad of many more ranging from private businesses and nonprofits to trade associations and startups, all of which have national, state, and local interests and objectives. Logan has a long history of assisting organizations across every sector and has extensive policy and political experience with a nationwide network across the political spectrum.



Special Project Director

After 8 years as one of the top grassroots activists for Americans for Prosperity in Wisconsin, Natalie Zebian took over phone operations and recruitment for Ron Johnson for US Senate, as well as for Tim Michels for Governor alongside personnel on leave from TBORAF.

Natalie’s skill in recruitment, training and the development of staff at the corporate level helped her recruit, onboard, and oversee dozens of staff and volunteers who made half a million calls within a 3- month period ensuring a primary victory for Michels.  Natalie, who has excellent communication skills, is responsible for the voicemail recording that reached hundreds of thousands of voters.

Natalie has also worked as an HR Specialist and recruiter, and as a Certified Financial Coach, which enabled her to budget and oversee aspects of payroll both in the public sector and for the campaign phone operation. She will oversee special projects for TBORAF after the November 2022 election.



Graphics and Digital

Ryan is a partner with Arete Consulting LLC, and handles graphics and digital for Take Back Action Fund. A veteran of many political campaigns including Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, her political start came at a young age when she was part of her father Paul Sanford’s stunning upset in 2010 that helped Republicans take control of the Alabama legislature for the first time in 136 years. Throughout her time on political campaigns, Ryan has gained experience on all levels ranging from local municipal and state legislative races to congressional, gubernatorial, and U.S. senatorial. Ryan also served as Sampling Coordinator for Cygnal, ranked as the top Republican pollster by Nate Silver, and run by Brent Buchanan. 


Ryan modernized the social media plan for Take Back Action Fund’s previous sister organization, Take Back Our Republic, by developing and executing social media plans that provide clear strategic direction and a tactical action plan designed to meet and exceed recruitment goals; aid in the development and advancement of digital marketing strategies of the organization; creating and designing graphics for social and marketing distribution.

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