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TBOR Action on Fox News - Indictments, Penn-Biden, & Vivek

As I begin embarking on another Fox News radio tour, which will be logged here on the blog in the coming days, and co-penned a new op-ed on Penn-Biden Center developments, I am discussing and analyzing a wide variety of issues and hot topics important to TBOR Action and grassroots activists across our Republic:


The fact that the Fulton County, Georgia DA had to be told by a judge that she could not prosecute the Republican Lt. Governor for being an alternate Presidential elector, since she had hosted a fundraiser for the LG's opponent, may once and for all convince many that this same DA's indictment of Trump was more a political move rather than just following the law. This judge is no right-winger - he ruled against the state’s pro-life law and against Trump - and the fact he had to tell the prosecutor this obvious conflict of interest says a lot.


While it may surprise some, it makes sense that Vivek Ramaswamy has surged into second place for the GOP nomination the week before the Milwaukee debate. Even many Trump supporters seem to like the idea of a 30-something, entrepreneurial, son of Indian immigrants as a candidate of choice - one who may broaden support among younger, non-white Americans, as well as those who believe parents should make decisions regarding their child's education in a populist-esque campaign vs. a coalition of university elites, public unions, and big-city political machines.

Penn-Biden Center

Speaking of universities, our Fox News story by Richard Painter and myself corresponds to the pictured TV segment featuring Betsy DeVos (pictured above) about the alleged quid-pro-quo with the Penn-Biden Center and the potential concerns that raises. Below is an excerpt from the full op-ed, which you can read here:

“The vitriolic exchanges between partisans regarding charges against the past president and family of the current president are obscuring scrutiny of another ethical question important to our national security.

According to reports, the U.S. and Germany have given a combined $127 billion to Ukraine during the war, while the Chinese coordinate with Russia. And yet, the Chinese gave $100 million to the University of Pennsylvania under the watch of the current U.S. ambassador to Germany. Confusing?

Yes, and it demands the current U.S. ambassador to Germany, Amy Gutmann, the former president of the University of Pennsylvania and founder of the Penn Biden Center where classified documents were found in January 2023, answer some questions from Congress."


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