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TBORA President Featured in National Review and on Bob Frantz for Penn-Biden Inquiry

Pictured: An op-ed featured in National Review, penned by both TBORA President John Pudner and TBORA Founding Board Member and ethics czar for former President George W. Bush Richard Painter, on the Penn-Biden Scandal.

As the Penn-Biden scandal continues to heat up, I've been making the rounds across our Republic analyzing the scandal, discussing my early inquiry into it in July 2021 (which you can read more about here) and, more pertinently, detailing the apparent quid-pro-quo between the University of Pennsylvania and Joe Biden.

National Review, an outlet I've had an affinity towards for a very long time, today published an op-ed written by myself and Richard Painter, TBORA Founding Board Member and ethics czar for former President George W. Bush, going in-depth into the scandal and why it's such a concerning issue.

A bit of context on my affinity for National Review - as a kid, I grew up wanting to write for National Review from the moment my dad told me about William F. Buckley. This continued during college, where I made a final interview for an internship in New York. I had to leave my Con-Law class early to head out to my flight, and as I walked out, I passed my eventual wife who buried her hands in her face at my first attempt at matching a tie, shirt and blazer instead of my normal T-shirt. Apparently, National Review wasn't impressed either, and I did not get the internship, though not sure how I would have paid for a New York apartment. However, in 2014, my name finally appeared in National Review in connection with Dave brat's announcement for Congress.

But today, they've published an article from me! Please click here to read our full op-ed.

I also was a featured guest earlier today on The Answer with Bob Frantz, one of Ohio's top-rated talk radio shows, wherein we had an extended conversation detailing the apparent quid-pro-quo, alleged Chinese ties, and campaign rules concerns within the Penn-Biden scandal. Had a great time during our discussion and have great memories in Cleveland, where my two brothers once had a condo and where I helped a little on city council races.

You can listen to my full interview with Bob Frantz below:

For more on TBORA's efforts on prohibiting foreign donations into elections, please click here.


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