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In 2021, TBORA President Requested Investigation of Penn-Biden

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Pictured: A Newsweek op-ed, co-written by TBOR Action President John Pudner and former President George W. Bush ethics czar Richard Painter, on Biden's appointee for ambassador to Germany and alleged ties between herself, Biden, and the Chinese Communist Party.

At Take Back Our Republic Action, our top priority is ensuring elections across our country are run fairly, securely, transparently, and with impartiality. While these primarily pertain to the rules, laws, and funding behind these elections, there are also many other factors that help contribute to this outcome. One such factor is ensuring voters are well-informed on their voting choices, and as seen in this story, after weeks of coverage of classified files at President Trump's home, voters didn't know that, when they voted in the 2022 midterm elections, confidential files were also at the Penn-Biden Center.

On November 2nd, 2022, government documents were discovered at the University of Pennsylvania-Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, where Joe Biden held a no-show job following his term as Vice President. Many of these documents pertain classified information and files on Ukraine and Iran, two foreign countries with alleged ties to the Biden family. These developments come after Biden criticized President Trump for the classified documents he kept in a locked location at his Mar-a-Lago home.

Following these recent developments, TBOR Action President John Pudner conducted a Fox News Radio tour across the country discussing these developments and how he co-authored a formal inquiry into the apparent quid pro quo between UPenn and Biden two years ago. As explained below by Pudner, not only are these documents themselves revealing, but of unique interest and consequence is where they were found and the implications from finding them there:

"The bigger concern for me is where these documents were at this (University of)

Penn-Biden Center. We asked the Attorney General of Pennsylvania two years ago, formally requested, that he investigate this relationship between the University of Pennsylvania, a job that Joe Biden was given, a no-show job of almost a million dollars a year between being VP and President, and then the revelations on the tens of millions the Chinese had put into UPenn by the person who gave him that job, Amy Gutmann, and how (Biden) then appointed her as ambassador to Germany. I'm very concerned that these documents were at this center”, said TBOR Action President John Pudner

Upon Amy Gutmann's appointment in July 2021, TBOR Action President Pudner and Francis Johnson were among the first to highlight these serious concerns, filing a formal request to then-Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro requesting that he immediately open an investigation on these matters. Unfortunately, neither former AG Shapiro, anyone at his office, nor anyone within Pennsylvania's Office of Attorney General responded to their request. In response, both Pudner and Richard Painter, ethics czar for former President George W. Bush, penned an op-ed in Newsweek further highlighting these concerns:

How can we have a U.S. ambassador to Germany who raised secret money from Saudi Arabia and China while paying candidate Joe Biden over $900,000 as a university professor who never taught classes? What would be the response on Capitol Hill if Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, or George W. Bush nominated Amy Gutmann under similar circumstances? The credibility of our foreign policy, and our national security in the face of growing foreign influence of American universities, now rest with the United States Senate", said former President George W. Bush ethics czar Richard Painter.

As mentioned at the top of this post, TBOR Action primarily focuses on the rules and officials running our elections, and as such, our organization has focused more on potential Chinese influence on elections through the potential funneling of money through entities like ActBlue or other routes to influence who wins elections. However, beyond TBOR Actions' scope lies the related concern about how this money influence elected officials once elected. One of the main concerns TBOR Action President Pudner laid out is that then-UPenn President Amy Gutmann secured tens of millions of dollars from China, then paid herself $4 million a year, and hired Joe Biden for a Penn Biden-related job for $911,000 a year, even though he never taught a class at the university. Biden then nominated Amy Gutmann to be Ambassador to Germany, and after all these developments, classified documents turn up in the UPenn-Biden offices.

TBOR Action continues to work towards not only ensuring elections across our Republic are secure but that voters are well-informed prior to heading to the ballot box. Below is TBOR Action President John Pudner's Interview with WIMA of Lima, Ohio, where Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan presides, on the Biden/UPenn controversy:

This is the first of several interviews conducted by TBOR Action President John Pudner on this important investigation. To listen to the other informative interviews on this, please click here. To read the letter sent to former-AG Shapiro, please click here.

For more on TBORA's efforts on prohibiting foreign donations into elections, please click here.

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