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Biden Controversies Tied to Government Distrust: WJR (Detroit, MI) Fox News Interview

Finishing his radio tour across our Republic analyzing recent investigations into the Biden White House, President John Pudner concluded in Detroit, MI, a central hub for the key Midwest state for the 2024 Presidental race, giving his concluding thoughts on the investigation’s shotty nature, the curious lack of coverage and work on this as well as other Biden-related investigations and findings, and how all of this ties into the ever-growing distrust of government institutions.

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The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


White House, President, Secret Service, campaign, Hunter, investigation, Biden, cocaine.


Guy Gordon, John Pudner

Guy Gordon 00:00

Joining us now is John Pudner, President of Take Back Our Republic Action who was also a Bush 2000 aide. How are you?

John Pudner 00:07

Doing great, thanks.

Guy Gordon 00:09

Appreciate you being here. What do you make of this secret service investigation of cocaine in the White House?

John Pudner 00:16

Well, I think the fact that, as you alluded to, it was found in the West Wing, I mean, the one defense liberals seem to try to float is, "Well, a lot of people tour the White House", well, that's really the East Wing, that's not, as you said, outside the Situation Room. So, this does seem a bit unbelievable with the limited number of people who were ever in that part of the White House.

Guy Gordon 00:39

So, to me, the fact that they came out and said, "We can't identify who did this", tells me that we need a whole another investigation into the security at the White House, but we're not hearing a ton about that, how we're going to have massive changes and a massive inquiry that the White House isn't secure enough that somebody can bring cocaine into the White House without being identified.

John Pudner 01:03

No, that's right, and then you got this lawsuit walked through the White House, I mean, what else could be left in there, then, if this was someone wandering through unmonitored and unchecked? People could be will be leaving anything, so that's what does make this hard to believe.

Guy Gordon 01:28

You know, the Secret Service, they're privy to a whole lot of behind the scenes things that occur in the White House, and around the President of the United States, and around his aides, and that kind of thing, so they see a lot of stuff that maybe would be considered illegal, but they don't always investigate those types of things. You think this could be part of it? This would just be embarrassing to the president, potentially, and that they're gonna try to keep this hush hush?

John Pudner 01:52

Well, yes, and this is happening the same time that the second whistleblower comes out on the Hunter Biden case to say that, basically, people were told to stand down or not follow normal investigative procedures. I mean, the picture is not too pretty clean putting these two things together, and for American's faith in the justice system, that would seem pretty Paramount that people would trust the justice system, and how laws are enforced, and who's above the law, who's below the law. I think this all adds up to just more lack of confidence in the institutions that really everyone trusted 30-40 years ago.

Guy Gordon 02:30

A long time ago, though, decades ago, and I think the elephant in the room, as you kind of touched on, is Hunter Biden. He's done this before. We don't know if he did it this time, but he certainly did it in Arizona, he left a bag of cocaine in his rental car. It was his. So, why is it do you think this is considered, by the media, to be inappropriate, or irresponsible, to even speculate that it might be Hunter Biden's drugs?

John Pudner 02:57

That's right, and think about what was Joe Biden campaign for President? It was that he wasn't not Trump and aren't Americans tired of all the ethical issues? I mean, pretty much sums up the campaign, I think, and to have these things on the family that close to... I mean, there certainly are other things dealing with money where doesn't look like there's a connection straight to the president, or the big guy as he was \referring to and these other testimonies... but if that's the entire thing you really base your campaign for president on, seems like you've lost a leg with that stool.

Guy Gordon 03:34

Most people I talked to agree with Donald Trump when they say that the Secret Service either knows, or could find out, whose cocaine that was, but then everybody just goes about their business, they move on, nobody seems to care that the Secret Service has just closed the investigation. Why? Why do you think that is? Is it because the media just moves the story along in a cycle? That's too fast? Should the media be saying, "Wait a minute, let's investigate why you are saying this and why you can't find out?

John Pudner 04:08

Yes, I think so, and to refer to the other sort of related story, the whistleblowers, I mean, it's hard to find coverage of that in the old legacy media. The second whistleblower came forward to say he was told not to investigate things if they dealt with the President, what the President signed, etc, and it's hard to find coverage of that, and even deeper than the legacy media, I think one of the big concerns I've got is...think of the Drudge Report, which at least became, I'd say, in 2016, a way for people to find conservative media, and they gets bought by Never Trumperrs because it was at least giving people an index of where to find some of these stories. There's no coverage of the hearings yesterday on Drudge, It's not even one of the 100 stories they cross reference, so the way news is suppressed on this I think that's what leads to the, "Well, I guess it's not that big a deal. I haven't heard that much about it."

Guy Gordon 05:12

I think there's a definite connection to those hearings into what's happened in the White House with this cocaine found on the West Wing. We heard Democrats say yesterday in those hearings that this whole investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden is a scam. What we should be doing is talking about Donald Trump's crimes and unethical behavior. Do you think there is that connection? It sounds like you do?

John Pudner 05:37

I do, and if there isn't enough coverage of Donald Trump and everything he's been accused of... I mean, that's where it doesn't quite pass the laugh test. As you referenced, what the Democrats are saying is....there's certainly plenty of coverage of that, but can we, at least, look at these pretty serious accusations being made? I think it's a big problem, and back to the political implications, if your whole campaign is that you aren't not Trump, there's some other news on the political front. There's $70 million for Joe Manchin potentially running as an independent, where he can say he isn't Donald Trump. There's quite a campaign brewing for Cornell West. He's no Jill Stein. You've got a Green Party candidate as well saying they're not Donald Trump. I think the whole Biden family issue now is there could be three legitimate choices to divide up people who want to campaign that they're not Donald Trump, and this idea that, "Well, if we aren't covered, that's okay. As long as we're not Trump", that's a tough test.

Guy Gordon 06:44

Well, this whole hearing yesterday about the government killing the Hunter Biden investigation, I believe, them killing that change the outcome of an election. I think we have a different president in office than we would have if they had not killed that story. The fact that you can find that on Drudge, or barely any other evidence, says everything you need to know. Appreciate it, John.


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