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Volunteers Interviewed By Turning Point Alum On Bi-Partisan Efforts

While the TBOR Action team continues to deploy, volunteers across our Republic work to grow our grassroots network and advance components of our organizational mission. In this interview with Tamara Leigh and Brent Hamachek, who played a critical role in the founding of popular campus organization Turning Point USA, TBOR Action volunteers Rich and Lena Eng discuss the importance of grassroots activists getting involved in the political process, but also how important it is that they remain engaged and active towards finding common ground on the key issues facing our Republic today.

Rich and Lena also discuss Red, White, and Blue Dialogue, their own organization which works to bring everyday voters together and promote civil discourse on today’s key, divisive issues to not only open dialogue, but also showcase how, despite outward appearances, people are closer to agreement than meets the eye.

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