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TBORA Documents ActBlue/China Threat; Meets Vet Patriot Organizer

Heading into the July 4 weekend, TBOR Action President John Pudner traveled to Door County where he planned future appearances with Vietnam Army Veteran Richard Woldt (top left photo from the Door County Vets page, and current photo with Pudner top right). In his speech, Pudner documented the current FEC complaint covered in this report alleging ActBlue is running millions through China in a new kind of threat to our Independence.

In this Midwestern Friday night speech and NewsMax piece to run Monday, Take Back Our Republic Action documents its fight against ActBlue through the past decade and why liberal spending now dwarfs conservative spending on elections. Liberals never spent even $2 million against Tommy Thompson in any of his winning campaigns, then spent $15 million to beat him by 7 points in 2012, $23 million to win the recent Supreme Court race by double digits, and close to $100 million to barely beat Tim Michels by 3 points.

Listen to the 1:03 to 1:30 mark in this speech where Pudner refers to Michels having the 2nd-best showing of 28 Gubernatorial challengers when he states,

“Tim Michels had about $100 million spent against him and lost by 3 points. I’d argue (Michels percentage) is one of the most incredible showings (in 2022). There were 28 challengers to Governors … one of them won …The average challenger of the 28 last year had 38% of the vote. Michels actually exceeded by 10 points the average that was happening to challengers.”

Monday’s NewsMax piece will go into greater detail regarding TBOR Action’s successful battle against Facebook at the FEC, and disclosing Planned Parenthood was the No. 1 violator of political spending based on Open Secrets data (click on this Breitbart story crediting Pudner and TBOR Action). We also exposed the hundreds of millions of dollars donated through ActBlue by “unemployed” donors leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election (see Fox News story). The Friday night speech was in Door County Wisconsin, where the population doubles during the summer.

In addition to covering the massive liberal proven and suspected political giving through the tripod covered in the 10-minute clip from the Friday night speech, Pudner focused later in the speech on Final Five. If you have not yet seen a similar recent speech on Final Five, click here.

Grassroots Director with 200+ in Milwaukee

Meanwhile, TBOR Action’s Grassroots Director Erin Yager was with Kari Lake at an event of more than 200 people a couple of hours south in Milwaukee. TBOR Action recently noted Lake’s decision to focus on supporting the biggest mail-in voting project in Arizona history, but it was Lake’s work on Election Integrity that is near and dear to Erin.

Prior to becoming TBOR Action’s Grassroots Director, Erin formed Election Integrity Activism, which facilitated communication between thousands of Wisconsinites and their legislators - serving as a pilot for similar efforts throughout the US. Erin served as a legislative aide to State Assemblyman Tim Ramthun, as well as coordinating a constituent outreach process within the district and then statewide.

In 2023, Erin’s last job before joining TBOR Action entailed reaching the most doors out of anyone statewide for multiple weeks, personally knocking on 16,500 doors from August 10 through the November election. In recent weeks she has identified hundreds of potential volunteers for the upcoming candidate and campaign worker classes.

Efforts in Other Regions

Pudner spent the rest of the week in the South with National Grassroots Director Byron Shehee meeting with top leaders of conservative organizations to plan 2023 activities throughout the “SEC” region, if we can refer to Erin and John’s activities as the “Big Ten Region”

That still leaves the “ACC” region including the Raleigh, NC TBOR Action office, where Noel Wilkins moves to full-time status to live and work out of Virginia on a new major policy issue. Noel will also spend time in North Carolina on projects with Raleigh-based Board Chair Charles Hellwig.

On Monday, July 3, the NewsMax piece will be added to this link of posts by Pudner on the NewsMax site, before NewsMax closes for Independence Day.

On Tuesday, July 4, TBOR Action wishes a special Independents Day to veterans such as Richard Woldt, pictures on the Door County Veterans page from his days in the Army in Vietnam and then from Friday night with Pudner. The Founders set the great Republic in place, but we are honored that Woldt plans to have Pudner back for speeches with his group.


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