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EXCLUSIVE: TBOR Action President Delivers Keynote Speech On Election Reform

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

This past Saturday, TBOR Action President John Pudner was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Shawano County GOP’s annual Lincoln Day gathering in northern Wisconsin, wherein he delivered a speech that addressed the theory by some that, despite the numbers showcasing the opposite, conservatives could overcome the overwhelming money advantage liberals now enjoy without reforming election rules or looking into new ways to conduct election operations.

Since the “red wave” in 2010, Democrats spent $15 million to beat former Gov. Tommy Thompson in an open U.S. Senate race by 6 points, spent $23 million to beat Dan Kelly in an open Supreme Court race by 13 points, and spent $88 million to barely defeat Tim Michels for Wisconsin Governor by 3 points - a comparatively incredible showing on a night that saw 27/28 governors re-elected nationwide. Nonetheless, it has become increasingly clear that new avenues and reforms need to be implemented going forward.

Pictured: Shawano Co. GOP Chair Nate Burton introducing TBOR Action President John Pudner at the annual Northwestern Wisconsin Lincoln Day gathering.

Despite this, Pudner recounts how bleak the legislative outlook was for conservatives when he moved to Virginia, then Georgia, then Alabama, and how innovations in each state led to conservative majorities and sweeps of statewide offices before Pudner left each state - eventually returning to his college stomping ground of Wisconsin.

This speech also highlights a newly revealed call with Steve Bannon in 2014, wherein he detailed his intentions with two potential Presidential candidates to Pudner the night of Eric Cantor’s victory. While Pudner replied that Sarah Palin, despite some positive candidate qualities, would never be able to win another election, he was intrigued when Bannon told him of the possibility of Donald Trump running for President.

Pictured: TBORA President John Pudner and Shawano Co. GOP Chair Nate Burton.

Overall, this speech details why conservatives must innovate now to play offense in order to get on track electorally, in addition to playing defense by securing elections against illicit votes, with the joke here being, especially notable here in Green Bay Packers land, that only playing defense is as effective as be a part of the Chicago Bears.

We hope you enjoy this rare, never-before-seen peak into one of many speeches given across our Republic to those working hard for their beliefs in the political arena.

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