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Penn-Biden Endgame: WILS (Lansing, MI) Fox News Interview

Updated: Jul 13

TBORA President John Pudner recently continued his Fox News radio tour across America discussing the UPenn-Biden saga on WILS in Lansing, Michigan, wherein he not only talked about his early inquiry into and discussed the events behind the controversy, but further analyzed the implications, consequences, and ultimate endgame of the scandal for elections across our Republic and relations abroad with China's growing influence.

For more on TBORA's efforts on prohibiting foreign donations into elections, please click here.

The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


Documents, Biden, center, Chinese, compromised, elections, UPenn.


John Pudner and Mike Austin

Mike Austin 00:00

Records from President Biden's time when he was Vice President were uncovered at something called the Penn-Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement - a think tank. This was back on November 2nd when they first found these classified documents - not all of them are, but some are. President Biden said Monday that he didn't want to answer any question about it, but he's since had a few words about that. Joining us now to discuss this a little bit is John Pudner, President of Take Back Action Fund. He was an aide to George Bush in 2000 and the only person in US history to run a campaign defeating a majority leader in a primary. How about that? John Pudner on your morning wake-up. Good morning, John.

John Pudner 00:48

Hey, thanks for having me on.

Mike Austin 00:50

So what a revelation, huh? This is interesting. Is this a parallel to what happened with Donald Trump?

John Pudner 01:00

Well, I think there are two points to make on that comparison. The first is Joe Biden's actual quote regarding the documents at Mar-a-Lago where he said, "How can anyone be that irresponsible and what data is there that could compromise sources and methods?" So, I can see why he didn't want to comment at first, would seem hypocritical side by side. I think the difference though that's bad for him is...I don't know if what was at Mar-a-Lago shouldn't have been there, not legal scholar, but I can tell you, I'm much more concerned about documents being at this University of Pennsylvania sponsored center. The history there is, we issued a letter to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania two years ago to please examine the relationship with UPenn, Biden, their president, and China. This is a tangled web. The President of UPenn was giving Biden a no-show job of $911,000 a year, where he was supposed to be some kind of professor but he never taught a class, and on top of that, the president solicited millions from the Chinese, I mean tens of millions of dollars, and then as soon as Biden got in, he tried to make the president of UPenn the ambassador to Germany. The tangled web of these documents, sitting in that center with these Chinese connections, that's much scarier than documents sitting in a safe and Mar-A-Lago.

Mike Austin 02:27

Wow. All right. What are we going to find out here and now with...well, I don't know how much power is going to be there, but with the Republicans in charge of the House, Is this going to be a priority? Is this gonna be something that they go after heavily?

John Pudner 02:47

You know, I would hope so. Believe it or not, the Democrat Attorney General of Pennsylvania did not take us up on our request to please investigate this, so I'd imagine there'd be a little more openness.

Mike Austin 03:04

What's the endgame here? What's going to happen with a sitting President...that's the difference there is the whole Mar-a-Lago thing. Donald Trump wasn't a sitting President when they stormed with the FBI. He said the other day, I thought it was an interesting quote, "Hey, are we gonna see the FBI storm the White House?" I don't know. Where does this go?

John Pudner 03:29

The concern, of course, is someone being compromised. What's there? Do the Chinese know something? At Take Back Our Republic Action, we're focused a little more on the money to elect people, so we've been more focused on China putting money through ActBlue potentially, or someone else, to help elect Biden and his friends. But, it seems to me that Americans, kind of outside our scope, are more concerned about money being paid directly to him, and the fact that that's part of this equation, and the center supposedly set up to get him a million dollars a year for a no show job, and now that's where the documents are, I just hope they get to the bottom of this. I mean, I'm sure his lawyers feel good they can officially say they released this two days before an election. Obviously, that was too late for voters to know about it before the elections, I think they had their cake and eat it too. But, certainly hope there could be a thorough investigation here.

Mike Austin 04:26

In our last 60 seconds, just tell me, and I think I know the answer, but does the general voting public in America know or do they even want to know? Are they turning a blind eye to the influence that China has on sitting public officials and elections in this country?

John Pudner 04:48

I do worry. I mean, Rick Grinnell used to work with us, was Trump's Director of National Intelligence, and the stories he's documented on how the Chinese make payments to people who just have secrets who work at Lockheed Martin and places and how they give a little money for something until they're basically compromised. They do this to get information from people, just employees in sensitive spots. The concern on bigger deals like this, where lots of money is moving directly into the pockets of elected officials and their family, I think is a much bigger concern seeing what China is willing to influence.

Mike Austin 05:31

We'll follow this along. John Pudner, Take Back Action Fund, look that up, and we appreciate your time this morning.


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