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Penn-Biden & Election Integrity in National Review, NewsMax, Fox News, Just the News, and NY Times

Updated: Jan 26

Pictured: TBORA President John Pudner's Op-ed Profile for Newsmax, which includes his latest work on Michigan’s Proposition 2, a ballot initiative recently passed by voters via statewide referenda.

This past week, several interviews and op-eds occurred across major outlets as our team knocked on hundreds of doors in heavy snow and I prepared to travel to Southern California for the Chair of the Republican National Committee election.

Trying to fit in all the TBORA media coverage this week would look like the thick Sunday newspapers I delivered as a kid (just lost all our young readers). Instead, we will give a few images on which you can click for the major media hits this week of interest, with brief notes on the contents. We did everything this week, from detailing Soros' successful effort to eliminate Voter ID in a major swing state to analyzing the growing Penn-Biden Scandal we warned about two years ago during several great radio interviews, including an extended discussion as a featured guest in Cleveland.

Interestingly, you can now click here and the image below for the AllSides ranking that now puts me further right than the "center-right" Epoch Times, New York Post, Washington Examiner, and even Fox News, which ranks just over the border as a 3.7. Apparently, not all of the hundreds of critics put me in the furthest right block. This is likely because of the one issue I believe most conservatives are completely missing out on - a Final Five ranked-choice voting system that'd force majority winners at a time in which Democrats have won in SEVEN states (US Senate or Presidential) with less than 50 percent while only North Carolina is the ONLY state who elected a Republican with less than 50 percent.

Pictured: TBORA President John Pudner's AllSides profile.

You can also click here or on the NewsMax image on the top for my rundown of how Soros and friends spent $23 million to trick Michigan Voters into believing they were voting for Voter ID when in fact they voted to prevent any Voter ID in Michigan. If Liberals didn't want to be hypocrites on this issue, they would've dropped their ID requirements for Democratic National Convention delegates to enter, and who knows, maybe a bunch of us could hypothetically show up and vote for the Democratic Party to nominate a Conservative.

Conversely, I will be required to show my photo ID to participate in the Republican National Committee meeting this week when I travel a couple of thousand miles from conducting surveys door-to-door with my team to spend the week at the Waldorf-Astoria in Dana Point, California. An RNC quarterly meeting last year announced the 2024 convention will come to my home city of Milwaukee, while this week, that same body will decide if Ronna McDaniel keeps her job as Chair or if she will be replaced by My Pillow founder Mike Lindell or a friend of mine (though I am not a voting delegate and not involved) Harmeet Dhillon, who runs the Republican National Lawyers Association.

Pictured: An op-ed featured in National Review, penned by both TBORA President John Pudner and TBORA Founding Board Member and ethics czar for former President George W. Bush Richard Painter, on the Penn-Biden Scandal.

When it came to media appearances this past week, the number one topic was the Penn-Biden Scandal. We were everywhere, including on the popular Fox News show 'Tucker Carlson Tonight", which featured Dr. Richard Painter, a TBORA founding board member and ethics czar for former President George W. Bush. He not only co-authored a Newsweek op-ed with me in 2021 calling for an investigation of the Penn-Biden Center, but he also just co-authored a National Review op-ed published earlier last week. In that op-ed, we included a call for the House to consider subpoenaing the records surrounding the center, and shortly after publication, the House Oversight Committee issued a letter making that request. Here is a brief excerpt from that piece:

"The sketchy relationship between Biden and the University of Pennsylvania should have been scrutinized much earlier … When documents in question are marked “classified,” there is no mistaking it: The tell-tale red, orange, and blue folders that hold them make it obvious. … Most of that money was very likely donated by people and businesses connected with the Chinese Communist Party … UPenn should voluntarily provide to Congress the relevant documents, including communications with Chinese donors. If it does not, Congress should issue a subpoena forthwith."

If you'd like to hear more about our efforts regarding the Penn-Biden Center scandal and some additional background info on what we did, click here to read our in-depth post on the full 2-year story we have with the scandal. Since we do note when we believe media organizations are ignoring key stories, such as research done by our ally Peter Schweizer, we want to be fair and note that the Penn-Biden Center scandal has been covered even by liberal CNN and the New York Times, which also quoted me during 2020 on the blatant election fraud Nevada was allowing by mailing live ballots in mass.

I'm looking forward to another great week of grassroots work, media appearances, and some time where it's not below freezing!

For more on TBORA's efforts on prohibiting foreign donations into elections, please click here.

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