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The Curious Case of Penn-Biden: WSJK (Champaign, IL) Fox News Interview

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

TBAF President John Pudner continued on his radio tour across America on the UPenn-Biden scandal when he recently spoke in Champaign, Ilinois about the ridiculous nature of and actions behind the controversy, his previous inquiry into the apparent quid-pro-quo between Biden and UPenn, and what House Republicans can do to ensure there is accountability for this scandal.

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The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


Joe Biden, Pennsylvania, Republican, Congress, investigate, documents, ambassador.


John Pudner and Stevie Jay.

Stevie Jay 00:00

The President of Take Back Action Fund, Bush 2000 aide, the only person to run a campaign defeating a majority leader, John Pudner. Are people still calling you saying, "Hey, John, will you run fill in the blank?"

John Pudner 00:16

I do occasionally get lured into one!

Stevie Jay 00:21

Apparently, there's some classified documents that Joe Biden was holding, and I played the 60 Minutes clip yesterday calling President Trump irresponsible. Think anything will come from this, John?

John Pudner 00:36

Well, I don't know. The thing that concerns me more about these documents than the ones at Mar-A-Lago the left attacks is where they were found. The University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy league one, not the lions, we asked the Pennsylvania Attorney General to investigate the connections a couple of years ago because the president of UPenn has gotten tens of millions of dollars from China, and gave herself four million a year to hire other people. The person she hired was Joe Biden, $911,000 a year for a no-show job, and so that's what this center is linked to. The fact that there seems to be a quid pro quo, Biden went so far as to nominate her then to be the German ambassador, we asked to do an investigation of this quid pro quo back in July of 2011, and to see that that's where these documents where just makes me even more concerned versus a safe at Mar-A-Lago, which seems somewhat safer as far as compromising an elected official.

Stevie Jay 01:45

This is locked in a closet, and I guess it's one of those head-scratchers, John, where it's kind of like, "Boy, I forgot about my gun in my suitcase. Sorry." I mean, how do you forget classified documents if they have anything in them? What are you doing? I guess I don't get it.

John Pudner 02:05

I guess his best defense is that it was a no-show job, he never showed up for the job while he's being paid $911,000 a year, so maybe he didn't know what was in his office.

Stevie Jay 02:16

Then again, it could be somebody else is accessing it under the auspices of a Joe Biden vacant office, and you keep the stuff in there that you can reference. I mean, I guess that's like a Tom Clancy thing, but I don't know.

John Pudner 02:30

Absolutely. I'm being facetious in that comment. Why were they there? I'm really concerned about the location, what else that could mean, and just how compromised it seems to me UPenn is by Communist China.

Stevie Jay 02:49

We take you're telling me the connections with the President, and ambassadors, and all that stuff, and then I guess the next question is, what's in there? What do you got?

John Pudner 02:59

That's right. So, we know now some of the documents are on Ukraine - Ukrainian intelligence. Remember now, that Hunter Biden was getting 83,000 a month from a Ukrainian energy company, despite having no energy background, so not quite as much as Joe was getting for the no-show job at UPenn, but the intelligence that's in there, you first saw some reports actually from CNN on the different countries the intel was on, and then Breitbart went a little further and others. So, this is serious material.

Stevie Jay 03:39

Anything really going to happen here, or is it, "Well, it was an honest mistake. I mean, you know?"

John Pudner 03:48

Believe it or not, the Democratic Attorney General of Pennsylvania declined our request to investigate the situation. I'm thinking the Republican Congress will at least be more open to taking a look at it. So, that's where the investigation would have to come from.

Stevie Jay 04:06

Before I let John Pudner go, former Washington guy, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loves his life now vs. there, I presume, right, John?

John Pudner 04:15

Oh, yeah, and I would stay at least an hour outside of DC, just for the record.

Stevie Jay 04:21

Needed a good shower after every day at work. This whole thing of Republican Congress, what does that mean? I mean, I can sit here and pass anything and it's never going to happen. Is it just the show and negotiating for a later deal?

John Pudner 04:43

Well, it stops some things that could be done without them. So, it's more of a block because a lot of times it's all Republicans want us to stop the government. The ability to investigate is important, those are two things. You not gonna pass a bunch of legislation Republicans want, but you can stop some things and investigate.

Stevie Jay 05:06

When they're talking about the IRS agents, and every time the Democrats come out and, "They're helping their billionaire friends" when the statistics show it's the middle class and poor people that get more investigations than rich people because they have attorneys. So, does the American public always have to go for their helping their rich friends? I mean, come on!

John Pudner 05:25

It is a talking point, and of course, they often make things sound bad because the rich are business owners who have a LLC that pays employees and...let's write the income on your IRS statement but raise the money you have to keep in order to pay employees through the coming It's a talking point that unfortunately works in elections but not valid.

Stevie Jay 05:51

John Pudner, how do people connect with you?

John Pudner 05:55 is the best place. Once you sign up there, you become part of our state chapter here, so would love to have anyone south of our border here.

Stevie Jay 06:06

Appreciate it, John. Thank you, sir.


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