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Please Give Annual Feedback & Support Today!

Thank you for supporting another great year for Take Back Our Republic Action Fund (dba Take Back Action Fund).

We've done most of the talking through our blogs at, NewsMax columns, and appearances on Fox News Radio, but at the end of each year we hope to hear from you:

a) Please donate today to enable our team to continue working for common-sense solutions. We are grateful for our champions who give $10,000 donations, but we appreciate anything you can give, even $50 or $25, once a year.

b. Let us know which reform is most important to you. We released this survey a few weeks ago, and so far the three highest priorities of our readers by a pretty big margin are; 1) Final Five, 2) Election Integrity, and 3) Term Limits. One surprise issue broke into our top 10 - conservation/environment - so we added that as an option. School Board Elections fell out of our Top 10, as many people view school board elections as a high priority, but perhaps do not view this as a fit for us.

Please vote today! We will continue to update our top 10 based on your feedback and use this as we conduct our annual planning with our Governing Board.


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