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Penn-Biden Center Becomes 3rd Most Covered TBOR Action Election Rule Fight

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Click here for Star News Digital’s national story by Matt Kittle of Empower Wisconsin detailing Take Back Our Republic Action’s 2021 warning about the Penn-Biden Center. Of all TBOR Action’s Election Rule fights, the one absolute is that political campaigns cannot be funded by China or any other foreign entity or a 501c3 charity, yet the Star News story quotes TBOR Action extensively on our research showing it appears that is exactly what happened.

Since Noel Wilkins took over communications TBOR Action’s reach jumped more than 9000 percent, driven by increased concerns about Election Rules being broken. The following is the count of the Election Rule topics covered in stories about TBOR Action:

  • 23 posts regarding the defense of Election Rules to protect Voter ID and other Election Integrity safeguards

  • 20 posts regarding Election Rules to stop spoiler candidates via Final Five Voting

  • 7 posts regarding Election Rules against the funding of political efforts via foreign money (China) and non-profit 501c3s - as appeared to happen in the UPenn Biden Center

  • 4 posts on newer Election Rules regarding early voting tested by TBOR Action Members who took leave to run winning elections

  • 3 posts on Election Rules relation to the choice of Speakers in Ohio and Congress

  • 2 posts on Election Rules allowing Initiative and Referendum

  • 59 total stories on TBOR Action’s work regarding Election Rules

President John Pudner and former George W. Bush ethics czar Dr. Richard Painter sounded the early alarm in 2021 on the Penn-Biden Center apparent quid pro quo. Pudner previously served as a Breitbart editor along with Michael Patrick Leahy, who is now the CEO, Editor-in-chief, and majority owner of Star News Digital Media. Please click here for the entire story - excerpts of Pudner’s comments appear below:


A conservative campaign finance reform nonprofit and government watchdogs warned about foreign entanglements, influence peddling, and clear encroachments on campaign finance laws at the Penn-Biden Center and its university sponsor long before the president’s classified documents scandal.


John Pudner, (the former) executive director of Take Back Our Republic (and current President of TBOR Action), noted that several Biden 2020 presidential campaign senior staff members worked out of the Washington, D.C. think tank office, violating the University of Pennsylvania’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status laws against electioneering, among others.


“Other groups have crossed the line, but this is beyond the pale to have a de facto campaign headquarters, particularly one that’s getting money from China,” Pudner told The Star News Network. As reported, the university and its namesake global think tank have taken in tens of millions of dollars from donors in communist China.


Pudner and others say the Biden campaign and Penn apparently don’t take campaign finance laws and IRS code very seriously. Neither has Pennsylvania Attorney General-turned-Governor Josh Shapiro.


Pudner’s group nearly two years ago asked the state AG’s office to launch an investigation “concerning the charitable fundraising and use of funds by the University of Pennsylvania.” Shapiro, a Democratic Party ally of Biden, did nothing, Pudner said.


Pudner, of Take Back Our Republic (Action,,  said the Biden classified documents and Penn Biden Center scandals having sticking power.


“What’s interesting is this is getting coverage from a mainstream media that often ignores Biden scandals,” he said. “I do think it just doesn’t go away like some scandals on the left. They haven’t found a way to make it go away yet.”

For more on TBORA's efforts on prohibiting foreign donations into elections, please click here.

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