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TBOR Action President Highlights Final Five In Latest Newsmax Editorial

Please click here for John Pudner's latest monthly column in NewsMax, wherein he analyzes how the current state of the US House of Representatives showcases the poor fruits of recent election results and how Final Five can help solve these newly created problems. Highlighted below is one key excerpt from the piece showcasing how, despite the best efforts of conservative candidates, spoiler candidates and out-of-state billionaires have all but trounced any of these efforts:

"How could this happen? In Arizona, Nevada, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, 268,083 conservative votes diverted from GOP candidates to a candidate other than the Republican nominee. On the other hand, only 4,941 total votes went to the liberal Green Party instead of the Democrat.

Democrats have used a woke agenda to convince all but a few progressives who voted for Jill Stein in 2016 to fall in line and vote straight-party Democrat.

At the same time, liberal out-of-state billionaires and questionable billions of dollars funneled through ActBlue funded sophisticated data targeting to convince conservatives to split the vote. The total is only 3% of 10 million conservative voters in those six states, but that is enough to swing a battleground state."

For more on TBOR Action's efforts on Final Five, please click here.


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