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Leading Midwestern Talk Show Host Meg Ellefson Interview on Final Five

Easter Monday started with a great 15-minute interview with a host we long hoped to meet, Meg Ellefson of WSAU - the team party founder and conservative voice for much of Wisconsin from her station near the center of the state in Marathon County.

Click here or in the photo to listen.

Ellefson’s commentary in the 7 am hour regarding many conservatives spending more time attacking Republicans than Democrats set the table perfectly for the 8 am discussion with TBOR Action President John Pudner on how bad the current system is and why Final Five would fix the two major ways big spending liberals are electing Democrats with less than 50 percent of the vote.

Pudner pointed out that Wisconsin is one of seven states (along with Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Minnesota won by Biden with less than 50 percent and Democratic Senators winning West Virginia in 2018 and Nevada in 2022 with less than 50 percent).

As detailed in the interview, Final Five offers the only solution to stop the two ways the will of the people is thwarted by rigging the system:

In 2008, liberals realized they could win by identifying a few percent of disgruntled conservatives who would not consider President Obama, but with targeted ads could get them to vote third party. Obama shocked the world by winning Indiana by 28,391 votes after 29,257 conservative voters wasted their vote in conservative firebrand Bob Barr, and win North Carolina by 14,177 votes after 25,722 votes were wasted on Barr. By 2020 more than 50,000 Wisconsinites went to other conservatives to cost Trump Wisconsin and similar things happened in the four other states in addition to costing Republicans control of the US Senate - all of which would have been fixed by Final Five.

The second punch was hijacking Republican primaries with millions of dollars in ads to select candidates who could easily be defeated in the general election and keep bitter supporters of the second-place finisher home on election day - a strategy that would be completely stopped by Final Five voting.

Give a listen to this morning's interview to better understand how Final Five would leave the candidate you want to elect on the ballot rather than making you choose between the lesser of two evils and require that candidates get 50 percent +1 to win rather than win by using spoilers to split the majority.


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