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Without Final 5, Democrats Win Again By Picking Their Opponent

Democrats won another monumental election Tuesday after once again spending a million dollars to eliminate the Republican they feared could beat them.

Unless Final Five is enacted to prevent Democrats from picking their opponent, all of the election integrity bills supported by TBOR Action will not even the playing field. Even if we convinced every state to pass election reforms such as the Indiana legislation including requiring Voter ID for absentee ballots, or the Georgia bill eliminating Zuckerbucks, or the Ohio and Louisiana reforms, or stopping clerks from allowing same-day registration and no-excuse absentee voting where it is illegal, Republicans can’t win if they cannot make the final ballot.

We can only quote none other than Donald Trump as a candidate on August 19, 2016, when he said, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Trump’s speech in August 2016 made the case that Black Americans’ communities had not improved after decades of casting more than 90 percent of their votes for Democrats, so they should at least give him a try. The appeal worked well, and by the 2020 election, fewer than 80 percent of black men voted for Biden according to Edison Exit Polls.

As TBOR Action’s President John Pudner is on Fox News Radio this morning talking about Trump’s speech last night accusing Democrats of trying to "interfere in elections by using law enforcement," we ask the same question of Republicans who are losing virtually every statewide race in states like Illinois and Wisconsin starting in 2018 in a system that lets Democrats spend against Republicans in primaries to eliminate whoever is most likely to beat them.

Click on these Fox News talk radio leaders in 10 states to hear their interviews with Pudner from this morning once they are posted:

WWVA Wheeling, WV (0706AM ET) -

WFLA Orlando, FL (0712AM ET)

WILS Lansing, MI (0720AM ET)

WFRK Florence, SC (0730AM ET)

WERC Birmingham, AL (0740AM ET)

WAAV Wilmington, NC (0750AM ET)

WSJK Champaign, IL (0808AM ET)

WBAP Dallas, TX (0853AM ET)

KURV McAllen, TX (0912AM ET)

KPNW Eugene, OR (1042AM ET)

Examples of Losses Final Five Could Have Prevented

Opposing enacting Final Five voting in essence condones the tactics used in all these elections to get the Republican who could win off the ballot to let the Democrat cruise to victory.

In the 2022 Governor’s race Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker spent $24 million IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY to eliminate the Republican, his polling indicated could beat him, so he could cruise to an easy 55% to 42% win against the candidate he boosted with his ads.

In 2020, more than 50,000 Wisconsin conservative voters were convinced to vote for the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party or Solidarity (pro-life) Party candidate. Without those 50,000 votes, President Trump lost the state by 20,000 votes - making Wisconsin one of seven states the Democrats elected a US Senator or took the Presidential Electors with less than 50% since 2018.

The Supreme Court election Tuesday in Wisconsin was the most important in the country because the Democrats now take control of the Court and can eliminate pro-life laws, voter ID, rules against forcing workers to join unions, and many other conservative legislative victories.

Their polling showed that Jennifer Dorow, the judge who won popularity by overseeing the tragic Waukesha Parade terrorist case, could beat their candidate in a state that selects women over men for the Supreme Court (6 women, 1 man). The Democrats spent a million dollars to attack Dorow to successfully make her lose by 2% to Dan Kelly in the primary.

Democrats knew Kelly, who was destroyed 55.2 percent to 44.7 percent in his only other run three years ago, would probably finish even worse in light of the central issue of the state’s abortion law not allowing any exceptions (even tubal pregnancies) and with liberals having a huge money advantage they did not have for his last run.

As anyone who crunches numbers knew would happen, the liberal Janet Protasiewicz crushed Kelly by an even wider margin, 56.4 to 43.6.

Dorow might have won, but she at the very least would have come much closer. An additional problem with Republicans continuing to support a system that allows Democrats to choose their Republican opponent who will be blown out is that it also sinks other Republicans running at the same time.

While no one on our team was involved in the Supreme Court race, we did take partial leaves to help a candidate trying to defeat the Mayor of Green Bay. We oversaw digital and 18,500 door knocks and it was clear Kelly was losing badly but we were finding some who would support the Mayoral Republican Chad Weininger even though they would not consider Kelly. It appeared Weininger’s margin would be 10 points better than Kelly’s, so as long as Kelly stayed within 10 points in the Supreme Court race in Green Bay, Weininger would win the Mayor’s race.

Instead, as shown in our screenshot above, the bottom fell out for Kelly and he lost Green Bay by 16 points - so even though Weininger did run 10 points better than him it was not enough and he lost by 6 points.

We find it hard to believe Dorow would not have come within 10 points at the minimum, which would have elected a Republican Mayor (though technically the office is non-partisan).

Which returns us to our original question first posed by Trump on August 19, 2016 - but directed by us to Republicans regarding Final 5, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Final Five - 2 Simple Steps

Step 1. Final Five lets the five highest vote-getters in the primary stay on the ballot, making it impossible for rich out-of-state liberals to get rid of Dorow or any other Republican they know can beat them - thwarting them from what they did to take over the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Illinois Governor’s Mansion.

Step 2. Final Five has an instant runoff (such as we passed in Georgia for military overseas voters) so that anyone supporting a Republican candidate can have their vote transferred to whichever Republican can beat the Democrat in the general election.

Or Republicans can leave the system alone and let Democrats keep picking their nominee and winning with less than 50 percent of the vote.


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