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Penn-Biden Hypocrisy: WFRK (Florence, SC) Fox News Interview

Continuing his recent radio tour across America, TBORAF President John Pudner recently went on WFRK in Florence, South Carolina, wherein he continued to analyze the UPenn-Biden scandal. More specifically, both discussed the double standards between the controversy and the Russia investigation conducted against then-President Trump and the possible connections to Biden's memoir, "Promise Me Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose".

For more on TBORA's efforts on prohibiting foreign donations into elections, please click here.

The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


Documents, center, investigate, Biden, compromise, China, Ukraine.


John Pudner and Ken Ard

Ken Ard 00:00

President of Take Back Action Fund, Bush 2000 aide, the only person in US history to run a campaign defeating a majority leader in a primary, John Pudner. John, good morning, how are you?

John Pudner 00:11

Good! Thanks for having me on.

Ken Ard 00:12

So, there are some things we know, a lot we don't know. What do you make of it this morning?

John Pudner 00:18

Well, I agree with your intro, although I would say I'm even more concerned with where these documents were as opposed to locked up at Mar-A-Lago. Again, that could be an issue too, but this center is very suspect to me. We formally asked for an attorney general investigation of the relationship between UPenn and Biden. You had a president of UPenn who'd gotten tens of millions of dollars from China, had given Biden a no-show job in relation to this thing, a $911,000 a year job, he didn't teach a class, he didn't do anything else. So, you can argue that, indirectly, China's funding the center where these things are found. I just worry that this could be even more compromising than documents in Mar-A-Lago, and that's not to say that I'm saying there's no problem, I don't know all the details, but that's a great concern for me. This is something we've had an eye on for two years now.

Ken Ard 01:18

John, I'm gonna speculate, and a lot of us do. I mean, I'm not a journalist, I'm an opinion monster. My opinion is that there is somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 million in anonymous Chinese contributions relating to the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Joe Biden wrote a book, 'Promise Me Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose', and in that book, he accounted for a lot of his travels to Ukraine, Central America, and Afghanistan. Could it potentially be that some of these classified documents were what somebody used in writing a book, and what sort of violation...once again, I'm speculating, I've never read that book, but I just wonder, having that classified material in that location leads me to believe that may have been some of the information he leaned on when he wrote or had someone ghost write that particular book?

John Pudner 02:10

Certainly could be because he wasn't teaching classes, which, you know, which was supposedly the reason for him getting almost a million dollars a year for the job with that center. I'm concerned there, that could be, even CNN is starting to leak out some of what's been discovered, documents on Ukraine as you said, etc. This is tricky. I mean, just who had access to that? Was someone ghostwriting? Ric Grenell, who was in the Intelligence cabinet for Trump and actually used to work for us before he got big time, he is documenting how the Chinese take even more junior people, employees at Lockheed and places, and compromise them by paying them to do appearances in China and things, and then letting them know, after a year, "Oh, by the way, you've already violated a bunch of US laws. Now, give us a bunch of extra stuff we really need." If they're willing to have that sophisticated operation at people way down the totem pole, you can imagine how they're working to try to influence and compromise people at least around the President.

Ken Ard 03:24

Last question, is there anything we can do to make sure the double standard doesn't apply? I mean, we know the nature in which they went after President Trump, there's a lot of suspicion amongst conservative world that will not see that sort of intensity. Is there anything conservative world can do to demand the same sort of treatment?

John Pudner 03:45

Well, yes, the hypocrisy is amazing when you compare how politically the Russian hoax was used vs, "Hey, we turned over these documents for the election two days before the election when there's no time for information to get out to voters." Just let voters make a call. Does this make you uneasy? Does this affect how you vote in the midterms? Believe it or not, the Pennsylvania Attorney General did not investigate when we asked him to a year and a half ago, I think the House Republicans will be much more likely to investigate, and who knows, maybe they dig in and they say there's not much there, but at least...I think this is a good thing about the balance of power and not having one side have both chambers and the White House, is we do have the group that can investigate something relating to the President, and that's the House, so hopefully, they have at it.

Ken Ard 04:37

Well explained. Thank you, John. Appreciate your time.


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