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Justice Dept. Rebuke Escalates Biden Investigation: KFTK (St. Louis, MO) Fox News Interview

Launching his next radio tour across our Republic in St Louis, Missouri, President John Pudner analyzes recent developments within Special Counsel Robert Hur's investigation into President Biden and his family's alleged foreign business dealings. Of note is a recent memorandum by the Justice Department, which seemed to rebuke the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees for their continued requests to access the recording of the Special Counsel's interview with President Biden, stating that the Department had not identified an "investigative purpose" for their request of the audio and accused the committees of "escalation" and of seeking conflict "for conflict's sake".

While this has increased the already tenuous situation on this investigation with the halls of Congress, President John Pudner and host Marc Cox remark on the investigation and the DOJ's rebuke, the viability of an impeachment trail during this election year, and other recent developments across our Republic.

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The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


Biden, issue, political purposes, tapes, competent, Justice Department


TBOR Action President John Pudner and Marc Cox


Jim Jordan  00:01

We should get access to the audio tapes. There were audio tapes made of all the 147 witnesses that they interviewed. Special Counsel Hur said the tapes, particularly of Joe Biden, were a big influence on his decision to put in his report that Joe Biden was a forgetful old man, and it was part of the main reason why he chose not to bring charges. So, we'd like access to those tapes. We've asked for those. I asked Special Counsel Hur if he would he be opposed to the United States Congress getting access to that information, and he said, really, that he wouldn't, but that's a call for the Justice Department. We'll see if they give us that information.


Marc Cox  00:38

And apparently, they don't want to. They're saying they've given enough and anything else we give you with this means you're trying to find dirt for political purposes. Really? You mean a congressional committee would do that? I mean, the Democrats never did that when they were in charge. I wonder if the GOP, when they were control of the DOJ, had a letter like that issued. It's amazing what they get away with sometimes here, I was pretty shocked by it, and want to welcome in that John Pudner right now, of course, President of Take Back Our Republic Action, we've had him on before. John, welcome back.


John Pudner  01:15

Thanks for having me back!


Marc Cox  01:16

What's your reaction to this? I mean, I read this gap, John, I'm like, there is no way the Department of Justice issued a letter to Congress tell them to basically back off, didn't they?


John Pudner  01:29

Yeah, and they know that's not a good scenario. They clearly think this is the lesser of two evils because the tapes must be that bad. I mean, that's the only thing people can conclude as this much really backup what Her was saying, so to take this flack and be on the side of covering up, not being transparent, they have to feel like that's, apparently, not as bad a scenario as having people actually hear the President during these interviews.


Marc Cox  01:54

Yeah, they're the ones that push back so hard on how he didn't really forget his sons, the day that he died, and you're blowing that all out of proportion, then you read the context of the transcript, and you're like he did from what we can tell, "Hey, why don't you let us listen to it, and we can tell if there's any extra context there that we're not picking up?", and they don't want any part of that.


John Pudner  02:20

That's right. And of course, it's hypocrisy. Let me say I, you know, I haven't agreed with full impeachment of Biden or anything else, I think that's bad politically this close to an election, people just feel like the election will settle it, but short of that, I think pointing out what Mayorkas has done, shedding that to light, and this goes back to the issue everyone's wrestle with. Is Joe Biden competent to be president? Even if you're not that ideological, Biden now has a huge money advantage, they're running cute commercials trying to make make him come across as competent. You can do things with a lot of takes on a TV commercial. Let's hear what he actually did during an interview and it'll help voters make their choice.


Co-Host  03:05

I know the Justice Department had basically accused the chairs of potentially requesting this information for political purposes. It should have no role in determining which law enforcement files are shared. But, why does it matter what their intent was? I mean, if I submit a sunshine request, does it really matter why? I have a right to that information.


John Pudner  03:24

Yeah, I think the $18 billion that Soros put in that one day to nonprofits to do this kind of thing all the time. The idea that that's not political, that all these investigations, yes, political, but you know, we live in a Republic where people vote, and getting people more information is legitimate. If anything that might hurt you politically, therefore, doesn't need to be revealed, you're right, you're on to just the convoluted logic behind their defense on this.


Marc Cox  03:55

The abortion ruling yesterday by the Supreme Court in Arizona...the media is making this out to be the huge 2024 issue. I read the ruling and this was on technical grounds, right?


John Pudner  04:10

It was. The issue hurts is out there right now, and in Wisconsin, they had the same kind of thing when Roe was overturned, and suddenly all abortions were banned, and that's a tough political issue. Even making exceptions for the life of the mother gives you only about an 8% support. Republicans are in a spot now where it took them a year with it and they realize that they're gonna have to be exceptions on at least rape and incest, et cetera. So yeah, it hits, but the issue itself is down to not a big issue now. The Democrats keep's kind of the only issue they have going for them. Anything like this, they'll latch on to. They will get some political gain out, don't want to belittle that, anything that legitimately puts it back in the headlines for people to think about, but it's just not gonna have the life of two years ago when Roe had just been overturned. I mean, that was news of the 50 years, and that had legs to it, but I'm not sure this does yeah


Marc Cox  05:00

Yeah, I would agree. John Pudner, we appreciate your time my friend. Thank you.


John Pudner  05:04

Thank you!


Marc Cox  05:04

President of Take Back Our Republic Action, good to get his point of view on all of that.


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