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Border Crisis Unlikely To Improve As Presidential Election Nears: KPNW (Eugene, OR) Fox News Interview

Closing his latest radio series across our Republic, President John Pudner, phoning in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the home of the 2024 RNC convention and where President Trump will be hailed as the Republican Party nominee for President, to Eugene, Oregon, to discuss Trump’s and Biden’s simulcasted visits to the southern border amidst the migrant crisis, now entering it’s third year and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, including for several politically-related reasons.

Our Republic is currently under the most sharply divided Congress in a generation, with a dead-even Senate whose Republican Leader of over twenty years announced his retirement, which in itself was met with a dead-even reception amongst his own rank-and-file colleagues, a Democratic Leader who has repeatedly and openly refused to pass anything created by House Republicans, a Speaker of the House whose position constantly hangs by a thread after members of his own party ousted his predecessor, and an extremely narrow three-seat majority for Republicans in the House that just got narrower after a recent special election to fill in the seat for disgraced former Congressman George Santos. 

And oh, by the way, it’s a presidential election year. I think that, for all the verbose pontificating of your humble, lowly writer of this and many a post, can probably speak for itself.

President John Pudner gives his final thoughts on the dueling visits to host Robb Holloway as both debate and discuss the merits of these visits, discuss the current state of affairs of the border crisis, and analyze the path ahead for Congress and the next President on this issue of the highest national importance.


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Robb Holloway and TBOR Action President John Pudner


Robb Holloway  00:00

John Pudner is on the Wake-Up Call. John, thanks for being with us again this morning. That the President now, because we're in an election cycle, is finally making the border, at least a part of one of his photo op visits.


John Pudner  00:22

Yes, and he's been mugged by reality, and by that, I mean polling. It's risen to the number one issue, the only thing that tops it in some polls is inflation, which is also a bad issue for him, but you've got over 30% now, just saying this is top of mind, the most important issue, and I'm telling you, we've knocked on tens of thousands of doors this month, and it is by far the most issue brought up because people connecting it to things, to crime, etcetera, so it's a big issue, and he's got to make a last-ditch effort here.


Robb Holloway  00:58

When you say you're knocking on doors, talking to people, are you talking about Texas, are you talking about across the country?


John Pudner  01:06

No, that's a great point. None of our knockings are in a border place, and that's what certainly changed over the decade. It used to be we just talked about these as border state issues, but no, if you're in any kind of working-class area at all, or rural area, it's just overwhelming. It's because you had the student murdered at the University of Georgia a few days ago in basically a sanctuary city, and people think they go out and jog, and then fentanyl, we know that's coming over the border, so people across the country are now connecting the border issues to problems they have at home. It's not something happening way down there.


Robb Holloway  01:55

The President is going to be meeting with Border Patrol officials, local law enforcement. What is it, exactly, that he's going to say?


John Pudner  02:04

Yeah, I guess, you know, what he's trying to do now is just sort of blame Congress, which is always an easy place to go, but that's his best case. The fact is he's the one who rescinded Title 42, which would drop it, but he had to say you can't immediately deport when you catch illegals here. Even Nate Silver, certainly no conservative, but a number cruncher, was warning a year ago before he did this, that this would have huge political ramifications, and to see how the public has moved on this. If people forget, President Trump was really ahead of people on the wall. I mean, it was a good base issue when he brought it up, but it was never a majority issue until this last year. Now, you have a majority saying they want the wall built, and only 31% saying they do not want it built, so he really got ahead of this, realized the importance of this, and the public has caught up with him, and that's the problem Biden has right now.


Robb Holloway  03:02

It's pretty obvious what former President Trump is going to be saying, which essentially, TLDR, is I told you so.


John Pudner  03:19

He's having plenty of things he can do that told you so on, whether it's immigration, or energy independence, or you just go down the list, but certainly put building the wall right at the top of the list.


Robb Holloway  03:33

Do you think that we're going to get anywhere on border security prior to the actual election?


John Pudner  03:45

Well, I think right now, he has to do something. He's just stuck. I won't say it's election year conversion, it's just an election year, people are gonna see the same numbers we all see, and say you got to toughen up on this, you've got to be able to present that you've done something about this, and It's already having an effect. He's way late on the game. It's gonna take a lot to undo what's already done, but you know, he's going to have, so we'll see what it is, but doesn't have a lot of good options for the hole he's dug.


Robb Holloway  04:20

All right, John, we appreciate you.


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