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Patriot Election Observers; Dems 13-to-1 $$$ Edge

Election Update: Great news - Questions 1 and 2 did pass today to ban the use of Zucker-bucks and stop Soros groups from funding municipal election efforts, as reported by our friends at Just the News (the place to go for composite news once Never-Trumpers bought out the Drudge Report.

Patriot Election Observers; Dems $13-to-1

Another election day started before 7 am at a major count room in battleground Wisconsin. Every time I show up to start observing, I wish just a few percent of conservatives who say they are concerned about election integrity would show up to observe, but we were badly outnumbered by liberal observers and workers all morning.


In addition to hoping Wisconsinites join me in voting for Question 1 and 2 (to stop Zucker-bucks and the Soros-funding of municipality elections), we hope conservatives from all states sign up now to work election day November 5.


Even outnumbered, a great victory this morning when conservatives alerted law enforcement to this offer to “put money on the streets for votes'' as we used to say - and as of late morning it appeared this cash giveaway was stopped as reminders circulated that buying votes is a 1st Class Felony and as of late morning no one was at the address listed in Green Bay for this liberal giveaway (not far from where conservatives are gathered right now awaiting the start of the Trump rally this afternoon).

This election year marks the 10th anniversary of my last year running campaigns full-time, culminating in Dave Brat’s win over the US House Majority Leader. In this race, like the others, I won as part of legislature takeovers in all three states in which I lived between my Marquette days and returning to Milwaukee, I was outspent 3-to-1.


Despite that winning record, I have been concerned, warning fellow conservatives that attacks on business owners and other conservative donors for giving to conservatives if there is disagreement on any issue (e.g., Final Five)  that the money deficit could be much worse than 3-to-1. Unfortunately, this is one case where I did not want to be right, but I was: it is now 13-to-1.  


As reported in the conservative Washington Examiner (not to be confused with the leftwing Wisconsin Examiner), “Wisconsin Democrats are far outpacing their Republican counterparts in terms of fundraising, mirroring a national trend of Democrats raising more money than the GOP.” (my addition - as well as so many conservative groups laying off people and not being able to pay canvassers.)


“Democrats in Wisconsin have raised $5.4 million dollars so far this year, thirteen times more than the Wisconsin GOP has, at $395,000. Wisconsin is a must-win swing state for both candidates…”


Two years after my big upset win was featured in Breitbart and elsewhere, on September 9, 2016, I publicly predicted Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton despite being outspent 2-to-1. But as confident as I was in that win - being correct in predicting how 48 of 50 states would go -  today I am much more concerned. The gerrymandering done by the activist State Supreme Court will make it much harder for conservatives to win if we continue to chase away our own donors and continue to be outspent 13-to-1.


In 2014, we proved a massive grassroots effort can overcome a big money advantage - because we had 200 VOLUNTEER door-to-door canvassers in just one Congressional district to overcome a huge money disadvantage. But no place in Wisconsin or anywhere else still gets hundreds of volunteer canvassers in a district to go out day after day like we were still getting 10 years ago, as we can’t even get those numbers in key places on election day.


To survive the combination of a huge money disadvantage and running in new districts carved out to eliminate as many conservatives as possible through gerrymandering, conservatives are going to need to see through liberal “divide and conquer” more than fighting with each other. While other conservatives can disagree with my math showing that Final Five could really help conservatives, allowing us to send multiple conservative candidates to the general election without making them spoilers, to go the extra step of attacking business owners and other conservative donors who in turn simply don't donate is part of the reason the money is 13-to-1. 


You don’t have to ask a conservative donor NOT to donate twice. The minute they are told a publicly disclosed, above-board donation is being attacked by fellow conservatives their money goes to other things besides beating liberals in elections.


However, if people ask how I respond to other conservative groups like H.O.T. Government disagreeing with’s math on Final 5, my only response is to focus on all the things we agree upon. As I sit at Central Count in Milwaukee, I am glad groups like H.O.T. are also trying to ensure the chain of custody of ballots and oppose measures that lead to illegal votes (like same-day registration) and unverified money, the same fight we are fighting as shown in my piece in NewsMax on same-day registration and in Breitbart revealing Planned Parenthood breaking campaign laws.


I’d rather focus on their support of key issues such as protecting the Electoral College (as featured on the front of their webpage) as another of many issues of agreement on which I fought for years (e.g. see my piece in the Hill, Voters shouldn’t be fooled by push for National Popular Vote). 


To that end it was great to see H.O.T. write the following on March 6, “Regarding the recall campaign against Robin Vos, it simply did not align with our strategic objectives from the outset … an external group took the initiative, instructing H.O.T. Government to collect signatures without regard for our organizational objectives … we encountered expectations of unquestioning compliance.”


The prudence of that position was evidenced in the weeks ahead after documentation that this external group ran huge dollars into an effort that included the following; Wisconsinites gathering very few recall signatures while left-wing activists were among those swooping into Wisconsin for this pay-for-play project. More than 80 percent were collected from out-of-staters who were paid big bucks to turn in forms that included people up and down the block apparently having the exact same handwriting, or in another case, the name “Robin Vos” being written in as a signer, and many illegal multiple signatures including by a “Cyber Houdini,” and in other cases illegal practices such as people signing multiple times or from 100s of miles outside the district.


Liberals have divisions too - some of their big bucks were being used to ask people to vote “uncommitted” in order to defund Israel’s fight against Hamas just as they focused on defunding police a few years ago. They are counting on their 13-to-1 money advantage to overcome their divisions. With so many issues favoring conservatives right now - such as immigration or the Rep. Barbara Dittrich bill to protect girls’ sports vetoed by Governor Evers today - conservatives can come together to win only if they leave events like today’s Green Bay rally unified and change the focus from attacking our own donors and each other.


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