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Grassroots Youth Leader and TBORA President Speak on College Involvement and Spoiler Candidates

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Days after his appearance on one of the top conservative talk radio shows in Wisconsin and Ohio, TBOR Action President John Pudner gave his 15th speech in Wisconsin for the year thus far, traveling to Juneau County. However, this time, he was the warm-up act for Jack Anderson, Chief of Staff for Wisconsin’s College Republicans, who also serves as TBOR Action’s Phone Director and who delivered the main speech before both speakers took an hour of questions from attendees.

As in the highlight reel seen above, the focus of Anderson’s speech was on the challenges facing young conservative-minded students on today’s college campuses, particularly in major institutions such as the UW system, while Pudner’s speech focused on the challenges conservative-minded grassroots candidates face when it comes to the current way elections are conducted, including looking into new methods such as Final Five. Please note that we did not include footage of questions Anderson received about College Republican matters, since TBOR Action is non-partisan, but the greatest area of interest from attendees was directed to Anderson on where conservative-minded students are currently facing.

Anderson is one of several youth leaders with TBOR Action, which recently named Noel Wilkins as Eastern Field and Communications Director alongside a swath of young contracting talent including Eastern Field Organizer Joshua Naponiello, Special Projects Director Natalie Zeliban, and Graphics and Digital Director Ryan Sanford.

Both speeches tie into a core issue for TBOR Action - the need for grassroots activists of all ages and backgrounds to come to the forefront and get involved on ensuring that the rules that govern our elections allow for free, fair, and secure elections that reflect the will of voters.

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