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Chaos at the Southern Border: WERC (Birmingham, AL) Fox News Interview

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I began my latest interview series across our Republic discussing the end of Title 42, an emergency order placed by then-President Trump, that allowed for the rapid expulsion of illegal immigrants as part of the government's response to the then-Covid 19 pandemic. This rule was one of the best tools border enforcement had to mitigate this, as the rule stopped 2.8 million illegal immigrants from entering the country.

As I discuss with J.T. of WERC, located in Birmingham, Alabama, not only does the decision to let this rule expire further highlight the inept leadership from the Biden administration on the southern border, but it also takes away the humanitarian angle from their argument for their approach to the border, as this worsens the already horrific trend of smuggling, abuse, and treatment of illegal immigrants, as well as further encourage criminals, drug lords, and gangsters to sneak across amongst the chaos.

On top of this, it also worsens the electoral outlook for Democrats, as this will surely grow the already large 58% disapproval, and shrink the minuscule 32% approval, of their border policy found in recent liberal-leaning polling across several key battleground states for the upcoming 2024 election cycle. As I point out, if the situation is bad enough to where Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, a bastion of modern liberalism, is publicly calling out the Biden Administration for their failures on this, then that should tell you everything you need to know about how badly this is, and will, go for electing Democrats moving forward.

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The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


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J.T., TBOR Action President John Pudner, and Irene Armendariz-Jackson.

J.T. 00:00

Joining us now is John Pudner. He was a Bush aide and now is the President of Take Back Our Republic Action, here to talk about what’s about to happen to this insanity on the border with Title 42 going away in about 16 hours. John, welcome back. So, I’m hearing a lot now about Title 8, which is kind of tied to this whole thing. It’s also a process that allows us to get people out of this country and expedite these deportations. Will that just take care of business as Title 42 goes away? It doesn’t look like it.

John Pudner 00:33

No, Title 8 is just the umbrella. Title 42 has been needed to expel 2.8 million illegal immigrants who crossed in just the last couple of years, so we’d have 2.8 million more now without it, and tonight, at midnight, it goes away. Title 8 is not going to do anything to offset getting rid of Title 42.

J.T. 00:58

You know, John? We’ve been looking at this problem since he got his executive order pen out and he got rid of everything Donald Trump was doing on the border. At first, we thought, “Ok, he’s doing this because he believes that these people that are coming across the border are going to turn into votes for him”, even though he tried to disguise it as being a humanitarian President by helping mom and the babies come across for a better life. Well, it quickly turned into a disastrous situation so astronomical that even the Democrats are going, “What are you doing?” So, I don’t understand how this is going to turn into votes when you see the support for him with hispanics is falling as well as with african americans, and I know it’s all about control and power, but is this deeper than that with the deep state? Is this all just ramping up a whole new America?

John Pudner 01:54

Well, on the humanitarian angle, that’s the one that died the quickest. When you look at the exploitation of people being brought across the border because, of course, our biggest concern is the criminals, drug lords, and gangsters that sneak across among those 2.8 million. There are plenty of victims too that are being brought along and paying these people to bring them over and commit all kinds of atrocities to them. So, I think he loses even the humanitarian argument. And then, just some amazing numbers, a Democrat polling firm recently surveyed the seven closest presidential states, and on immigration, he's got a 32% favorable and a 58% unfavorable. I'm not talking about Alabama, I'm talking in the swing states, places like Wisconsin, so that's an issue. You've also, as you alluded to, had Mayor Adams in New York say he's destroying the city with this policy - certainly not even a middle-of-the-road Democrat there. So, the motivation behind this, anyone behind it promoting it, has got to be wondering, and this isn't anything new. When we ran ads to take out the Majority Leader 10 years ago with immigrants flooding over the border. I mean, this isn't some new issue. This is a failure that he just seems tone-deaf to for whatever reason.

J.T. 03:25

Yeah, it's insane. I mean, it's to the point now where you gotta look at him and go, "Hey, why are you doing this? How do you justify the influx of insanity? This is an invasion. This isn't a humanitarian stent going on here. This is destroying the United States of America." I mean, you mentioned New York, these cities around our country, these sanctuary cities that are disastrous with Democratic leadership. It's just open doors for let everything come in that can possibly come in and not even keep track of it. Terrorists, drug dealers, like you said, criminals, that are being arrested here once they commit more crimes. Yesterday, a former congressional candidate was in El Paso talking about how horrific this is.

Irene Armendariz-Jackson 04:15

Thank you so much for having me. What I see is an empowerment of the illegal population that has actually taken over the downtown area of El Paso. I'm there doing videos, interviews, especially of those people that live within feet of this whole chaotic circumstances, that the Biden administration has brought upon American citizens, and many of them, like 99.9% of them, are immigrants themselves that have immigrated to the United States legally. I don't like using the terminology migrant because that's a terminology that the Biden administration and the Democrats want everybody to use because, per legal upper immigration law, the proper terminology is illegal alien or illegal immigrants.

J.T. 05:15

See there, John? I mean, El Paso, she says is so bad with the overflow in the city because the shelters are packed. They're sleeping in the streets, deprecating in the city and near small businesses. I don't know who's coming to the small businesses now, as you smell nothing but feces all around El Paso. I mean, this is gonna be in every city in America soon with the surge we're about to see.

John Pudner 05:41

Thankfully, people like DeSantis are flying planes to get the Democrats to have a taste of their medicine. I mean, the hypocrisy say, when migrants are bused or flown to someplace a long way away from the border, where liberals are lecturing conservatives on why they need to take care of immigrants, and the first time a couple of bus loads, or a plane, shows up, and they go crazy ay how terrible this is, and they're dealing with a few hundred. It's like a sample of here's what we're dealing with and with all the money in Martha's Vineyard. I mean, if you can't come up with enough money to take care of a couple of hundred immigrants while you're expecting Texas to do it with millions...

J.T. 06:21

Do you know what they ought to do? Just go ahead and release every Democratic voter in the Biden camp, and just send you know, a dozen or so to their front yard, to these people who voted for Biden and still want to support him. I mean, there's what, 36% of the American population that thinks he's doing a great job? Well, great! Here's some of his policy in your driveway. How do you feel now? All right, John. Thank you, buddy. I appreciate you. John Pudner, President of Take Back Our Republic Action


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