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TBORA President On Air 9 Years After Iconic Immigration Ad

Updated: Mar 3

On the 9-year anniversary of producing an immigration commercial that would make Dave Brat the only person in US history to defeat a Congressional Majority Leader in a primary, I began my latest radio tour across our Republic discussing the ramifications of the end of the Title 42 rules that stopped 2.8 million illegal immigrants, in which I highlighted this ad I not only personally produced, but Laura Ingraham credited for electing Dave Brat against Eric Cantor.

Ironically, my first-hand knowledge of the situation stems from long-time friends at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Dallas, Texas, where I've visited to see the endless files on individuals lining hallways in boxes awaiting processes in the courts - a photo of which that office has released in the past.

Throughout this interview series, I discussed why President Biden lost the argument that encouraging an open border is the “humanitarian” position, as illegal immigrants are exploited, harkening back memories of children in cages as far back as THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. In addition, I highlighted the incredible drain on local budgets this has on programs needed by American citizens and, in turn, the strain on taxpayers. This has even led New York Democratic Mayor Eric Adams to state that Biden’s immigration policy is “destroying” New York.

Not surprisingly, the political ramifications are strong. In a recent poll by a Democratic firm and posted in Politico, only 32 percent of Americans in seven battleground states support Biden’s handling of immigration, while 58 percent oppose. In the coming days, we plan to air one of today’s interviews from each of the four TBOR Action Regions, with Fox News Radio stations that have us on every month and thus we are dubbing unofficial “Regional Flagship Stations":

TBOR Action, unofficial “Southern Flagship” - WERC Birmingham, AL

TBOR Action, unofficial “Midwestern Flagship” - WSJK Champagne, IL

TBOR Action, unofficial “Eastern Flagship”- WWVA Wheeling, WV

TBOR Action, unofficial “Western Flagship” - KPNW Eugene, OR

How Does Immigration Debate Tie Into TBOR Action Issues?

In our monthly Fox News Radio interviews, we tackle an assigned issue of the day, and developing immigration policy is not part of our mission. However, we believe the flawed philosophy that guides the open border advocates is similar to those who oppose us on other issues.

In the immigration debate, we acknowledge some immigrants are needed every year to enable construction and farming. A very small percentage of immigrants are criminals. The problem is that if the 2.8 million additional illegal immigrants who have been turned away under Title 42 now flood over the border, and President Biden says the border will be chaotic for a while, it is an open invitation for criminals or even terrorists to use the cover to come in as well.

In the ActBlue debate, most of the billions of dollars that flood through the pass-through system into liberal causes and campaigns are from legitimate liberals. The problem is when you refuse to allow bank processors to verify the identity of any of those donors, it is an open invitation for foreign nations to use programmers to send money using unsuspecting American names.

In the election integrity debate, most of the voters voting without a Voter ID or mailing back unsolicited live ballots that arrive at their homes in places like Nevada are casting legitimate votes. The problem is when 10s of millions of votes come in this way with no way to confirm who they are from, it is an open invitation for anyone who wants to rig an election to do so.

Different issues, but same dangerous philosophy.


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