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Biden Polling Sours as Investigations Loom: WERC (Birmingham, AL) Fox News Interview

Continuing his recent radio tour across our Republic, President John Pudner returned to familiar territory in Birmingham, AL to discuss the recent opening and sudden closure of an investigation into cocaine being found within not only the White House, but the West Wing itself. Within, host J.T. and Pudner not only analyze the implausibility of not finding who the suspect is, but also the surprising political effects this all may have on the 2024 Presidential Election with Joe Manchin potentially joining the race as a third-party candidate alongside other candidates looking to differentiate themselves as the “non-Trump” option.

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The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


West Wing, Trump, neutral observer, Biden, politically, insinuated, Joe Manchin, ethics.


TBOR Action President John Pudner and J.T.

J.T. 00:00

We all know that cocaine was found in the White House, and the Secret Service and everybody that investigated this said, "Oh, we just can't seem to find...we can't figure this out. Let's move along, nothing to see here." Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Joining us now to talk a little bit more about this John Pudner, who is the president of Take Back Our Republic Action. He was also a Bush 2000 aide, so you've been around the White House certainly, you know what's going on there? Welcome back in John, thanks for being here.

John Pudner 00:28

Thanks for having me!

J.T. 00:29

So, as we know, this is, no doubt, one of the most secure, most camera-filled buildings in the world. I'm not buying that they couldn't figure this out. Are you?

John Pudner 00:42

No, and I think the more important notice is that this was found in the West Wing of the White House, and it seemed the defense sort of being floated by the others were, "Well, a lot of people walked through the White House." They walked through the East Wing, the West Wing is where you decide whether or not you're going to war. That's not the same area. So this sort of, "Hey, a bunch of people walked through, someone in the public dropped it," seemed to be what was being insinuated, and it's key where it was found.

J.T. 01:10

Well, I understand it was also first found in the East Wing and they moved it to the West Wing.

John Pudner 01:16

Oh, I see. I did not catch that part of the narrative.

J.T. 01:20

So, with the cameras everywhere, and I've talked to a couple of different people on this, they said there's no way you cannot see what's going on unless you're in the residence area of the White House. Every other place in that building is got cameras and security, right?

John Pudner 01:37

Well, I believe so. I don't want to pretend to know security detail, because I'm just a political guy, but I think just the contrast to this happening the same day a second whistleblower is coming out and saying, "Hey, the punches were more than pulled on Hunter Biden and other things", and now you've got this question coming up. The big problem politically, for Biden, even if I were just a neutral observer, would be that his campaign was basically, "I'm not Trump and aren't you tired of all the ethical problems?" I mean, really, if you sum it up, wasn't that all he really ran on? Now you take away half of that where there are all kinds of family ethical problems, including some that certainly seem to point right to him on the money front, and so that's it, and suddenly, he's looking at presidential where you've got a strong Green Party candidate, potentially a big independent campaign by Manchin, that's funded, those guys can all say they're not Trump, too, so even if there's a 55% "I'm not Trump" vote, that's divided up three ways, and one of them has ethical issues and looks like there's cover ups. That's politically tough for him, too.

J.T. 02:44

This is a nightmare for the Bidens right now with Joe Manchin's thoughts of coming into this thing, you're absolutely right on that, but I gotta tell you, when Donald Trump speaks the obvious notion that there is this whole environment where there's secret places in the White House that can't be seen, and, "We get it, yeah, this is clear, we can't figure it out, so we did our best, but let's move on", Donald Trump basically saying what all of us are believing - that's bull. The Secret Service knows exactly what happened here, where the cocaine came from, whose pocket it may have dropped out of. There's footage there, but the American people, once again, are just told, "Nothing to see here. Move along if it involves the Bidens. We're not going anywhere near it." I appreciate you being with me so much John Pudner, the president of Take Back Our Republic Action.


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