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West Wing Amiss as Faith in Institutions Crumble: WBAP (Dallas, TX) Fox News Interview

Returning to his radio tour analyzing the recent news of cocaine within the West Wing, President John Pudner traveled to Dallas, the heart of the lone star state, to not only discuss the increasing double standard when it comes to prosecutorial justice, but more so how Americans across our Republic continue to lose faith in their government. With the Secret Service dropping this investigation at the height of former President Trump’s federal indictment, American cynicism and disillusionment in institutions continues to be at the forefront of concern for both political analysts and officials.

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The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


White House, Secret Service, cocaine, west wing, fair, whistleblowers.


Ernie Brown, Hal Jay, and TBOR Action President John Pudner.

Ernie Brown 00:00

You know, there has been a mystery about this cocaine thing at the White House for a few weeks. The Secret Service kind of hung it up, they said, "Well, we don't know whose it is, and it's not worth our effort. Anyway, it's a misdemeanor amount and we're moving on..."

Hal Jay 00:12

They just said, "Be quiet, shut it up, shut it down, and don't go back to it again." That's what the Secret Service did.

Ernie Brown 00:19

And I think a lot of folks are saying it's not so much the amount, but it's the fact that there is cocaine in the White House, although it's not the first time, because we've had...I think it was a Jerry Ford's son said he smoked pot in the White House, Chip Carter said he smoked pot on the roof of the White House I think with a Secret Service agent.

Hal Jay 00:35

I think, to get me to go in the White House, I'd have to smoke pot.

Ernie Brown 00:38

I think you'd have to especially if you're gonna work there. The President of Take Back Our Republic Action is John Pudner, who is joining us now, John, welcome to WBAP.

John Pudner 00:48

Thanks for having me on!

Ernie Brown 00:49

We were suspicious with a lot of folks saying maybe somebody was covering for someone in the Secret Service, but former President Trump said they know whose cocaine that was, he's convinced that they know. Are you?

John Pudner 01:01

I think the preponderance of evidence would be yes. I mean, this isn't a court of law, we'd have to prove something to 12 people on a jury, but I think your average person is gonna think, "Gosh, the Secret Service has to know what's going on in the West Wing." Remember, the West Wing is not the part the public gets to go through, that's the East Wing, that's the big distinction. You know, liberal may try to pass this off as a lot of people going through the White House, but not that part of the White House.

Ernie Brown 01:28

So, where exactly was this stuff even found?

John Pudner 01:32

Yeah, that is the key distinction that it is the West Wing, which is where decisions are made, where wars are committed to, that's not the part people walk through on tours. I think some liberals try to portray as, "Well, a whole bunch of people go through the White House. This could be anyone's", and that's just not true based on where it was.

Ernie Brown 01:56

You know, when the Secret Service gets involved with something, I'm thinking these guys have resources that I can't even imagine at their fingertips, and we talked about the White House being one of the most videoed areas...everything is on video. I mean, they got records of it all. I wonder, because we get that impression, but after 9/11, we kind of learned that it's not James Bond behind the scenes, it's just petty bureaucrats fighting turf wars.

John Pudner 02:23

Yes, that's true. I don't think we know if there's a camera angle to see if the person put cocaine down, etc. It's more just a preponderance and public opinion of what you think, but to have this in the backdrop of a couple of whistleblowers talking about Joe Biden, or Hunter Biden, getting light treatment from the DOJ at the same time they're saying, "By the way, we have no idea who could have had cocaine in the West Wing." Yeah, I just think your average person, even in the middle, goes, "I just don't know if I believe that."

Hal Jay 02:55

You know, it might have been planted, not dropped out of a pocket, just to make trouble, and I think that's where government is going to be for a long, long time. It's a war between the Republicans and Democrats, and they ain't gotta let up.

John Pudner 03:12

It is obviously a backdrop. I mean, who would think the backdrop of a presidency would be where the questions are if the former president getting fair treatment, preferential, or not enough, and is the son of the current president? I mean, who would have thought that would be the battle leading into the election?

Ernie Brown 03:30

John, you know, it's frustrating to me in listening, for example, to the whistleblower testimony yesterday and this story with the White House, all these things combined, and it's really hurting the credibility of the idea that we have a neutral government, that everybody is equal under the eyes of the law, and then you have people criticizing the Supreme Court because now they're politicized. I mean, are there any institutions left that we haven't completely destroyed?

John Pudner 03:57

I think you're right on. You know, the numbers, as you said, on the FBI and the Supreme Court being so historically low on American faith and institutions, obviously Congress has been sitting down at 10 or 15% approval for years, which is discouraging enough, but what is it that we go to? I think that's why you've got a new poll out saying almost half of all Americans would actually consider a third party candidate this time, which is bad for Joe Biden based on how it's playing out. As part of that, it's just a symptom of, "Gosh, do I believe either party? Do I believe the FBI? Do I believe the Supreme Court? I mean, it is a real crisis for the country.

Hal Jay 04:33

It's huge. I'll tell you what's maybe the bigger crisis is the media, it's our business. Yesterday, Fox News had live coverage of the IRS whistleblowers, MSNBC had a special report...and I don't even know the lady's name...

Ernie Brown 04:57

They're just not interested in this whole story?

Hal Jay 04:59

Not interested at all! If it was reverse, if it was Donald Trump Jr, they'd have been all over it, as far as the cocaine in the White House goes, so it's a war, and the media is not helping at all.

John Pudner 05:15

Absolutely. We've got other problems. I mean, entertainment has become so dark, but yeah, I think you put it right at what are people having to consume every day, and that leads to the cynicism that you have - that you just can't get a fair media report from the traditional outlets that were there 30 and 40 years ago, that they're just in the tank now. That's a real problem for the country. They used to be liberal, but pretty fair, they had some journalism ethics going back 30 years, but that's just not there anymore.

Ernie Brown 05:42

No, it doesn't seem like it is. John Pudner is with us, President of Take Back Our Republic Action. Thank you, John. Nice talking with you.


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