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Biden, Lightfoot Derelict on Border Crisis: WSJK (Champaign, IL) Fox News Interview

TBOR Action President John Pudner continued on his recent radio tour across our Republic discussing the end of Title 42 in Champaign, Ilinois, wherein both himself and host Stevie Jay discussed not only the nationwide ramifications of this crisis, but how Democratic leaders have continued to fail on the southern border and have showcased an inability to perform one of the key, basic roles of governance - to protect and defend America. In addition, both highlight how, despite those for Title 42's end saying this is a humanitarian move, the recent crisis that began as a result of this decision has turned into a humanitarian disaster.

To learn more about TBOR Action's efforts on topics including election integrity, please click here.

The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


border, humanitarian, battleground states, disaster, President Biden, Lightfoot, handling.


Stevie Jay and TBOR Action President John Pudner.

Stevie Jay 00:00

President of Take Back Our Republic Action, a Bush 2000 aide, and the only person in US history to run a campaign defeating the Majority Leader. He's now tucked away in safe little Milwaukee. John Pudner. How are you, John?

John Pudner 00:14

Great to be here from a northern suburb of Chicago as you call it down there.

Stevie Jay 00:19

Well, listen, we've got historic stuff going on. I'm not generally bothered by too much, but this one bothers me. I think it's amazing. The number one duty of a President is to protect his country. What the heck happened? This is a humanitarian disaster. Our country's essentially de facto being invaded. It's not going to stop, John. The impact on this is resoundingly changing America.

John Pudner 00:49

It is, and this isn't why they were caught off guard or didn't understand public sentiment on this. You mentioned me running a campaign against the Majority Leader 10 years ago, our ad had the tagline, "Obama and Cantor: Amnesty for Illegals", and it was footage of illegal immigrants coming across the border. I mean, this is it's a political nothing. Sometimes you understand politicians going for a popular issue that's destroying the country, but this one has no redeeming value anywhere. You have two to one in battleground states in new polls showing people do not approve of the way President Biden is handling immigration. It's a disaster, and I think the hypocrisy is when liberals get mad that a plane or busload of Democrats are sent to New York or to Martha's Vineyard, and here, as you said in your lead-in, now President Biden is saying, "Well, we're just going to release them out into communities as soon as the shelters get full." It's the height of hypocrisy.

Stevie Jay 01:48

What happens to them? I mean, they can't get a job, presumably, right? Aren't you supposed to fill out the paperwork and have the green card?

John Pudner 01:58

Yeah, that's right, and that's why I think Biden has so lost on this issue. He tried to win this argument saying it's humanitarian to take them in and take them into, what? To nothing. To being on the streets. To encourage a trade where they're exploited. They're plenty of ones looking for a better life, but plenty are just exploited over this system, and of course, the other problem for us is the 2.8 million people that Title 42 turned away is no longer a factor. Obviously, there's the drug trade and everything else that comes with it, and not to say, because Trump always gets misquoted on this, not to say most of the people coming over have drugs or are criminals, but if you have 2.8 million people you can't monitor being let in, obviously, you're gonna have terrible elements come in.

Stevie Jay 02:49

3 million people have come across and 1% are really bad. That's 30,000 people. So, we're not supposed to build prisons, not supposed to have police, and not supposed to have borders? This is a real mistake of historic proportions, and Joe Biden will be held accountable as history writes the story of what they did on the border, or in this case, what they didn't do. We are causing angst and horrific events for families that never should have happened because of the people we're allowing in as an open border. But John, this won't end. If there's seven and a half billion in the world, and everybody wants to come to America, what are we doing?

John Pudner 03:34

That's right, and this is the political side - Politico just released a poll in the seven battleground states, so this isn't some right-wing state or something, and it actually showed Democrats polling at a firm 32% approval of his handling of immigration, 58% against, and it's strong against when you break down the numbers. As divided as this country is, anytime you're getting that kind of majority....Luckily, there are a lot of people, including the mayor of New York, Adams, who said, "He's destroying New York City with his policy." So, anyone who will be intellectually honest agrees this is a disaster no matter what your ideology.

Stevie Jay 04:14

Well, and Lori Lightfoot, the outgoing mayor of Chicago, declared a state of emergency because 48 families hit the tipping point yesterday, so now there are 8,000 in Chicago, and that's a state of emergency. They're getting 10,000 a day. So, what is she talking about?

John Pudner 04:33

Wow. Wow. Had not seen that one. You've educated me on that one, but I'm not even surprised.

Stevie Jay 04:42

Well, I don't know. To me, this is a very, very bad thing that the administration has allowed, and we're gonna have to figure it out. But people say, "Well, we have to be more empathetic until they come to their town," and then there's no place for them, and then it affects their life and then all of a sudden, just like Martha Vineyard, "We have to get rid og them!" That's the attitude, John.

John Pudner 05:07

There's nothing worse than a white liberal sometimes.

Stevie Jay 05:12

Well, in meanwhile, you're tucked away safely way, way away from the swamp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. How can people find Take Back Our Republic Action, John?

John Pudner 05:22 is our website. Always love to keep building our Illinois chapter.

Stevie Jay 05:32

We appreciate you being on and being a voice of common sense. I think you're very common sense sound and even your voice went up a tick this morning, a little, so, it's bad. It's not good, John. I appreciate your time. Thanks so much.


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