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Biden Impeachment Could Bury Key 2024 Issues: KURV (McAllen, TX) Fox News Interview

Concluding his radio tour across our Republic discussing the recent developments within Special Counsel Robert Hur's investigation into Biden family dealings and interests, President John Pudner traveled to McAllen, Texas, to not only give his final thoughts on the investigation itself but how it could have a serious impact on Republican's electoral hopes heading into the all-important 2024 election cycle.

Conducting this interview just fifteen miles from the southern border, Pudner and host Sergio Sanchez discuss how a potential Biden impeachment could not only bury the goodwill former President Trump has received in light of his recent scandalous investigations and litigation, but take Republicans away from focusing on the key issues that will determine control of the federal government in 2024, including the crisis on our southern border. Both also analyze former President Trump's recent clarification on his stance on abortion and how, despite what some hardliners may say, doing so was a solid move for his and Republican's hopes nationally and attempts to put to rest an issue that has plagued many a candidate across our Republic.

To learn more about TBOR Action's efforts on topics including election integrity, please click here.

The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


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TBORA President John Pudner and Sergio Sanchez


Sergio Sanchez  00:00

Let me bring in my radio friend, John Pudner, President of Take Back Our Republic Action. I got several things I want to bring up and get your thoughts on. Number one is on this potential Mayorkas impeachment thing. It's another delay and Senate Republicans say, "No, no, no, hang on a couple of weeks and wait, before you do the pomp and circumstance, and do the delivery of the documents, and all that",  just like we saw on the bogus impeachment of Donald Trump. So this delay, what's your opinion? Should they go forward and do the impeachment or just forget about it because, in the end, he's not going to be removed from his post, and in the end, you'll get all these headlines saying Mayorkas acquitted, and honestly, I don't think I don't see any political advantage to something like that.


John Pudner  01:07

I agree. I think it's actually a big political disadvantage because... our old saying running campaigns was if the other side's destroying themselves, don't get in the way, and I feel with all of the investigations of Trump, trying to take all his property, trying to take them off the ballot, all these things are helping him in the public mind to show the true colors. And I think you're right, you just don't want to confuse things by start to talk impeachment, and then people then are wondering about also impeaching Biden too, and we saw this with, as you mentioned, the bogus impeachment of Trump, but also the impeachment of Bill Clinton, that their popularity both went up after it, so I agree completely. I think politically, you do damage to yourself when, obviously, you want investigations to point out some of the untrue things the Biden's have said about the relationship, and bring them front and center, but I think actual impeachment is probably a mistake.


Sergio Sanchez  01:07

With less than a razor-thin advantage or majority in the US House right now for Mike, the big Johnson, the Speaker, he can't afford to lose anybody. I mean, Ukraine funding is teeter-tottering based on that. What do you think Johnson and the Republicans should do on the Ukraine funding issue that, I don't know if it's going anywhere in the House, but what do you think he should emphasize?


John Pudner  02:31

Well, yeah, it is tough, because obviously the opening days of the war and invasion, there's pretty universal support. But over time, it's just this endless war. I mean, I think Trump and others are not only scoring political points, but also laying out real facts, just long term thinking strategically, just like he was ahead of the game on how we had to think of China's adversary. Can we afford this? Do we need to constantly be putting our equipment out there where it could fall into other hands, so, you know, it is a tough one, but the old 20 years ago of still being everywhere in the world, I just, I don't think we can do it again. This stuff, in the end, ends up being part of what's driving inflation, the amount of money you put into overseas efforts like this, so yeah, I think it's a tough one, and I no longer think it's a political slam dunk, either. But more importantly, on the policy front, I think you do have to hold the line a bit on what's going on overseas.


Sergio Sanchez  03:36

From Take Back Our Republic Action, my radio friend, John Pudner. We're tossing around some of the political headlines, and with Donald Trump a few days back stating his position on abortion, and of course, pretty much everyone's mind is already made up on abortion. There's very little movement in the political landscape and the electoral landscape on this, and the left wants to take advantage of this, but I believe that Donald Trump, and I know that for some very hard pro-lifers, and I would include myself in that group, but I look at this strategically. I think Donald Trump made a genius move by trying to take this off the table by quickly stating his position - that this decision belongs to the states, which the voters decide on if they want to do constitutional amendments and say, "Okay, kill the babies, kill the babies, let's codify it into the state constitution", fine, that's what they decide at the state level. I know a lot of the pro-lifers want a national ban, period. I got you. I got you there. But, by staking his position the way he did, stating his position the way you do, it leaves the left, Joe Biden, to take the other extreme and advocate for killing a baby right before birth or maybe even after birth. I think this advantaged Trump on this by potentially disarming them on the abortion issue if they continue to message right. What do you think?


John Pudner  05:10

I think you're right. I've been in the pro-life movement for years, and it's disappointing as a pro-lifer that you'd like to see more of a proactive stance, but I think if this were a first time candidate, you'd see pro-lifers abandoning him, but what if it's the candidate who gave you three pro-life Supreme Court judges? There has to be some loyalty there. I think that gets him through with pro-lifers, and I think you're right, and I think my disappointment two years ago was, once we overturn Roe, you're gonna have to let candidates make exceptions for rape and incest. I mean, you have to go that far, and if you don't, we're gonna ended up what you have now, which is the exception is first trimester, and for a pro-lifer, that's bad news because that's 90% of them. So, I think there was a mistake in doing so hard core, and even calling out candidates for making rape and incest exceptions, and it made it just an untenable position for a lot of candidates to win a race if you couldn't make those two exceptions. But look, while it's a disappointment on one level, policy-wise, he's laying out what we always said we wanted, which is just to let the states put their laws back into effect, like Arizona just had going back into effect. We did get what we were asking for years, a lot would like go further, and as you said, have a national ban, and I think Lindsey Graham on this one had it pegged right, let's nationally say there is some cut off so at least we're not much more liberal than Europe, which we are right now in most places. If the federal can just be to not have a late term abortion, but leave the states up to doing more pro-life laws, that's probably the best we come out of it, and in the end, you have a Georgia doing a heartbeat bill, and you do have good laws passing. I think, politically, he did something that's smart and it does make it a lot tougher for them.


Sergio Sanchez  06:58

Yeah, cause the left keeps pointing to this "radical position", and we're here because they took down Roe v Wade, so what do you guys want left? Kill the baby up to the day of birth? The Republicans need to make sure they say that, repeat that, because that's the position that's unacceptable for the majority of the American electorate, even some of those people who defend abortion. Hey, John, I got about 30 seconds. How do folks find you and how you helping out?


John Pudner  07:36

That's right. Just leave out the word fund on the website. It's takeback just to keep the website a little shorter, and always happy to do events in Texas, a great state.


Sergio Sanchez  07:50

Be safe and we'll talk to you soon from is John Pudner.


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