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A blanket of snow, a tripod of election reforms

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

As the snow falls tomorrow, let’s look at some warm ideas for restoring trust in election integrity. Join me, John Pudner, at the GOP headquarters at 3712 Spooner Ave. in Altoona WI (you can also read this update by clicking here):

The forum will bring together GOP leaders from across northwest Wisconsin as they consider the speakers' proposals and formulate their agenda for the 2022 election year.

In case you can’t make it tomorrow, my presentation will outline the three legs needed to restore Americans' trust in our elections and their outcomes. Specifically, these are:


Voter identification is the first step toward making sure the person casting the vote is the person on the voter role. As I pointed out after predicting Youngkin’s win in Virginia on Fox News radio, other safeguards such as Virginia’s requirement that mail-in ballots be counted prior to the close of polls on election day adds additional ballot security to the process.


Fair elections also require that we stop ActBlue’s process of sending billions of dollars from unverified sources to liberal causes, almost half supposedly from those who are identified as unemployed. (see my Fox and Friends appearance, which was retweeted by President Trump in September 2020).


When one party is dominating elections, as Republicans appear to be after last week’s results in Virginia and New Jersey, two tactics can frustrate the majority: (1) crossover voting to produce a weaker nominee; and (2) spoiler candidates to syphon votes.

The final vote count showing Joe Biden defeating Donald Trump by 20,682 votes in Wisconsin was partially fueled by voters who left Trump for the third and fourth place candidates - libertarian Joe Jorgensen and emerging pro-life American Solidarity Party’s nominee Brian Carroll, who, when combined, accounted for 43,750 voters who logically would have chosen Trump as their second choice.

On the week of Veterans Day, I am happy to be joined tomorrow by former Marine Joshua Wilson (who like me just moved from the South to Wisconsin) as my presentation outlines how Final 5 voting will solve that problem so that voters elect the candidate with true majority support.

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We often provide additional information beyond the email in the blogs on our news feed, such as the following:

Having moved Take Back Action Fund to Wisconsin, part of the audience for tomorrow’s Speakers Forum is the GOP Leaders from the following Northwest Wisconsin Counties, which gave Trump a strong edge vs. Biden, will consider the Speaker’s ideas as they formulate their agenda.

NW County Trump Biden Trump% 2-way

Barron 15,803 9,194 63%

Bayfield 4,617 6,147 43%

Burnett 6,462 3,569 64%

Chippewa 21,317 13,983 60%

Douglas 10,923 13,218 45%

Dunn 13,173 9,897 57%

Eau Claire 25,341 31,620 44%

Pierce 12,815 9,796 57%

Polk 16,611 9,370 64%

Rusk 5,257 2,517 68%

Sawyer 5,909 4,498 57%

St. Croix 32,199 23,190 58%

Washburn 6,334 3,867 62%

All 13 176,761 140,866 56%

Tomorrow’s presentation builds on the key issues outlined in this blog announcing TBAF's move to Wisconsin.

These are all serious issues, but on a lighter note the photos below were taken at a 50th birthday party tailgate we had for Gov. Scott Walker before a Packers Monday night football game. Based on the fact that I had the photographer take a photo of my former Marquette classmate Walker with a garage as a backdrop, moments before Kleefisch insisted we spin around to have Lambeau Field as the backdrop for our photo, it is clear she was a TV journalist (University of Wisconsin then WISN-TV in Milwaukee) while I was a print journalist (Marquette then Milwaukee Journal).

For more on TBORA's efforts on Final Five, please click here.


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