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TBAF’s HUGE 1st Meeting in Wisconsin and Team Scramble Backgrounds Revealed

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

After our recent updates on the West Virginia effort being led by full-time field staff members Johnny Babilon and Lars Wiechmann, Wednesday attention turned to dozens of attendees at the first event attended by TBAF President John Pudner since moving to Wisconsin.

Pudner’s first event as a Wisconsinite was the launch of Veterans for Political Innovation Wisconsin in the hotel across from the State Capitol where many a legislative decision has been made - the Best Western Premier Park Hotel at 22 South Carroll Street in Madison, WI.

The biggest surprise of the night occurred just hours after Pudner moved from Auburn, Alabama, to Wisconsin, when he met former Marine Joshua Wilson, who likewise just moved from the South (Georgia) to Wisconsin.

For those of you who clicked here after reading the email scramble, Joshua Wilson is the one person who is not a TBAF staff person or Board Member, and therefore he matches with letter e as the only “Non-TBAF Marine just moved from South to Wisconsin.”

The event was a great kickoff to TBAF’s effort to advance Final 5, one of its three Wisconsin issues, along with fighting to require Voter ID and stop ActBlue from flooding unverified billions of dollars into liberal causes.

The following are the rest of the answers for those of you who read the email scramble, and even if you did not get the email, you can read these for quick descriptions of the TBAF team below or pull up the complete bios here.

For more on TBORA's efforts on prohibiting foreign donations into elections, please click here.

Matched TBAF Member with letter by description that matches

1, Anne Louise Peterson, B, Notre Dame grad, won by knocking on 9000 doors

2, Baron Coleman, G, Research led to indictment and removal of Alabama's Speaker of the House

3, Charles Hellwig, A, Efforts led to discovery and exposure of racy texts resulting in holding onto the U.S. Senate

4, Hilary Tucker, I, Heritage Foundation, began fighting Common Core in the 1990s

5, John Pudner, K, TBAF Member just moved from South to Wisconsin

6, Johnny Babilon, J, Lacrosse player turned national GOP Senatorial

7, Josh Wilson, E, Mystery Non-TBAF Marine who recently moved from the South to Wisconsin

8, Joshua Jones, C, Led White House Advance for President George W. Bush

9, Lars Wiechmann, H, Former Policy and Legislative Affairs Director for the Virginia Lieutenant Governor

10, Matt Braynard, D, Former Trump Director Data & Strategy Director

11, Perry Hooper, L, Son of first Statewide GOP winner in a century

12, Randy Brooks, F, Developer mitigated flooding risk

TBAF President John Pudner (left) and former Marine Joshua Wilson (center) of America's Warrior Partnership and Wisconsin co-chair of Veterans for Political Innovation with State Rep. Jesse James (right). Wilson and James will attend an issues conference in Eau Claire next month while Pudner will address Republican leaders.

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Tony Kurtz (far right) addresses dozens of supporters of his Final 5 legislation, which was covered by Statewide Spectrum News. That story featured support from John Pudner, who first met Kurtz through mutual close friend Camille Solberg. Solberg served on the Board of Take Back Action Fund's sister organization Take Back Our Republic, and served as US Senator Ron Johnson's Regional Director, East Central Wisconsin/Hispanic Community Liaison.

John Pudner (left) with two allies who are the top grassroots organizers in the state, Mike Derubis (center) and Brad Geyer (right), formerly of the Air Force.

Pudner compared pictures with former Governor Scott Walker, a classmate of Pudner at Marquette, and his Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefish, with Walker's former Veterans Affairs appointee Jason E. Johns.


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