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Take Back Action Fund Steps Up Grassroots Advocacy on Election Reforms

Propelled by rapid growth and public interest in voting laws, Take Back Action Fund ( has expanded John Pudner’s role as President to lead its grassroot advocacy efforts. Pudner will dedicate himself full-time to advancing the Action Fund goals of reforming elections. With three decades of experience in grassroots campaign strategies, Pudner will lead the on-the-ground work of the Action Fund as it focuses on engaging volunteers, elected officials, and donors in order to change archaic and inefficient voting laws.

“Political innovation leads to greater participation, and to an electoral system that works well for everyone,” said John Pudner, President of the Action Fund. “I am excited to get back in the field and engage in the work necessary to defend and empower voters and encourage higher voter turnout from conservatives with a market-based political philosophy.”

Since its formation in 2015, Take Back Action Fund has worked closely with the 501c3, Take Back Our Republic, to lobby for policy solutions that went beyond the c3’s scope of education and advocacy. The two organizations allocated payments to cover shared software, personnel and resources. However, with the growing demand for grassroots lobbying with some political efforts to support policy implementation, the Action Fund determined it was time for full-time leadership and an operation outside the Take Back Our Republic office (where no political activity is allowed under 501c3 status).

At the helm of Take Back Action Fund, Pudner will now devote his full efforts to election reform advocacy and grassroots lobbying including but are not limited to:

  1. opposing the movement of billions of unverified dollars to liberal causes through ActBlue

  2. election reforms such as Voter ID laws now advocated by Democratic US Senator Joe Manchin in addition to many Republican leaders, and

  3. creating better electoral incentives for results and accountability out of DC by giving voters more choices and power with Final-Five Voting.

As part of this launch to lead Take Back Action Fund, John Pudner relocated to the battleground state of Wisconsin. Not a newcomer to the state, Pudner graduated from Marquette University in 1987 and was the news editor of the student newspaper, the Marquette Tribune. He is also a noted expert on college basketball analytics and long-time Marquette basketball season ticket holder. He has published a book on the history of Marquette basketball and written hundreds of stories for the Marquette-centric CBS Sports 247 site. Pudner and his work have also been featured in stories on ESPN and Fox Sports. Pudner has worked in grassroots campaigns in all 48 continental states, including running a successful Wisconsin GOP convention campaign that entailed visiting most County organizations. He also ran the faith-based voter turnout for Bush-Cheney 2000 in Wisconsin and other battleground states.


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