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TBORA Outreach Soars to New Levels

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

At Take Back Our Republic Action (TBORA), we strive towards implementing sound election rules that empower voters, secure election integrity, and restore faith in America's electoral system. One component that helps to accomplish this goal is reaching out directly to voters detailing our efforts, why our causes are important, and how they can get involved in taking back our Republic. To accomplish this, we utilize multiple different forms of outreach, including traditional and social media.

Over the past two and a half months, TBORA has undertaken a new communications strategy as part of our ongoing efforts to expand outreach on key election-related initiatives such as Final Five, election integrity, and the prohibition of foreign donations. Key components of this strategy include a daily stream of high-quality content to both our blog and social media channels, consistent media appearances, and an increase in op-ed placement.

I am pleased to report that traffic to all TBORA pages has significantly increased.

Since December 1, 2022, our blog has been visited over 4,500 times by over 3,500 unique visitors, an over 800% increase from the previous period thanks to both our strategy and paid digital promotion of our page. Viewers are also staying on the blog longer, with a visitor’s average session lasting over 5 minutes. In addition, traffic from outside sources has increased, with traffic from Google searches increasing over 125% and Twitter posts over 175%.

However, a large focus of our efforts in this strategy has been towards our Facebook page, which has been, historically, where most of our outside traffic comes from. Our page has reached over 31,000, which is in large part due to paid digital promotion of our page, but a better meteric of organic growth can be seen in our page view numbers, which are nearly 1,000 visits, an increase of over 300% from the previous period. Our Twitter page has also seen a notable increase in traffic, receiving 4,000 impressions, an over 1,500% increase, and 1,000 profile visits, a nearly 125% increase, over the past two months.

In addition to increased traffic on our digital platforms, TBORA has been recently featured in multiple outlets across the country. Since the implementation of this new communications strategy, President John Pudner has been interviewed over 20 times across 11 states, all of which can be heard here. In addition, TBORA was featured in Just the News and Empower Wisconsin as well as had op-eds published in National Review and Newsmax, all of which you can learn more about here.

Pictured: Articles published by National Review, Newsmax, Just the News, and Empower Wisconsin featuring TBORA or written by President John Pudner.

Because of these efforts, TBORA’s online voter outreach capabilities have substantially increased, our capacity to create change has widened, and our ability to reach voters across our Republic has never been greater. However, none of our efforts are possible without your generous support. To learn more about other recent developments at Take Back Our Republic Action, please click here.

If you would like to help us in our mission to restore faith in America’s elections, please donate here.


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