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TBORA Monday: Top 25 TV Market & Leading Talk Radio

The 5 pm news on Channel 6 in Indianapolis, one of the 25 biggest news markets in the US, Monday featured Meredith Hackler’s interview with John Pudner representing TBOR Action. The TV story previewed Meredith’s more in-depth piece posted later on the WRTV website and the interview will be replayed on WRTV’s YouTube.

The day of Midwestern media started 465 miles to the northwest in this 15-minute interview with another great journalist Meg Ellefson, who like Hackler has more than a decade of reporting experience, and prior to that, Meg founded one of the most successful tea party organizations.

TBOR Action outlined the three stools of reforms necessary to restore confidence in elections:

  1. Stop rogue elected officials. The interview started by celebrating the passage of Senate Bill 106, to prevent local officials from changing state election law and who could be on the ballot in their localities. TBOR Action testified in favor of the bill on March 8, and it was one of 12 bills signed by Governor Eric Holcomb on April 5.

  2. Election Security. TBOR Action also supports election security bills such as Indiana legislation to require Voter ID for absentee voting. Another election security bill passed on March 28 in Georgia during our Southern Capitol visits that will outlaw Zuckerbucks. It is unlikely the Indiana Voter ID bill can pass in the closing days in Indiana, but we plan to work for passage in 2024.

  3. Stop Spoilers with Final Five. The third leg of the stool is Final Five, which was discussed in the TV interview but more thoroughly outlined in the radio interview with Meg Monday morning. Click here for a more detailed explanation and that entire 15-minute interview of how Democrats won Presidential Electors or US Senate races in seven states without winning a majority of votes - a big reason Democrats control the Senate today.

While conservatives have been the victims in all three of the areas these reforms would address, Take Back Our Republic Action hopes that all Americans will support these steps to build confidence so that in the future we will not have 38 percent of Americans believing the election was rigged (38% on the left in 2016 and 38% on the right in 2020).

Feel free to contact either:

John Pudner, President (focus Midwest)

404.606.3163 - call or text or email

Byron Shehee, National Field Director (focus South)

334.430.2757 - call or text or email

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