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TBAF: Protect Trump Populism by Preserving I&R

TBAF is proud to be once again featured in one of the top 4 conservative media outlets with an op-ed on why we need to continue with initiative and referendum to build on the populism that arose from President Trump's election. The piece puts TBAF's President alongside Pat Buchanan, whose niece was a conservative colleague at the Charlottesville Daily Progress before starting Breitbart Sports, and one of the top White House correspondents, John Gizzi.

For the entire NewsMax op-ed, please click here - and a short excerpt from that piece includes:

"As conservative voters turn out to attempt to flip the U.S. House and Senate this year, some may face the decision of whether to retain a mechanism for working around their state legislatures through the initiative and referendum process"…

… "California Initiative & Referendum (I&R) petitions in recent years have been circulated to let voters undo the legislature's more extreme measures on gun control, vaccines and immunization, and abortion; to loosen restraints on law enforcement, and to advance school choice. One measure won majority support to stop health benefits to illegal immigrants, though that vote was undone by judicial activism"…

… "I&R is a tool for these kinds of people. For Republican legislatures around the country to take away the people's power to work around their ill-advised actions through initiative and referendum would be a sad retreat from the Trump populist movement."

John Pudner is President of, a nonprofit home for Americans seeking true political reform. Our conservative solutions include: working for voter integrity through steps like voter ID; stopping illicit foreign money via groups from impacting elections; and supporting innovations like Instant Runoff/Final-Five voting to take away the opposition's incentive to fund spoiler libertarian or pro-life candidates that often allow progressive candidates to win with less than 50 percent of the vote.

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