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Justice For All: WHO (Des Moines, IA) Fox News Interview

Following successful radio interviews across America, TBORAF President John Pudner finished his recent Fox News radio tour in Des Moines, Iowa, wherein he discussed the recent trend of soft-on-crime judges and prosecutors being promoted by Democrats, affulent Liberals, and the Biden Administration. John analyzes this trend, how the midterms will shape the judicary across America, and how Republicans can turn crime into a winning issue that allows Americans to take back their communities, their states, and their Republic.

The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


Republicans, nominees, 2nd Amendment, Democrats, police officers, Biden.


Jeff Angelo and John Pudner.

Jeff Angelo 00:00

So, John, talk to me about some of the critical issues that's coming up now that President Biden, of course, is attempting to get as many of his nominees through the judicial process as possible?

John Pudner 00:12

Yeah, it's interesting, because crime has become the issue that helps Republicans, and then obviously there was abortion, the way things broke help Democrats come back. So, those are the two big issues, and now that you're past the midterm elections, you're seeing some of these nominees coming in who've released violent criminals. I mean, issues that were playing out all over the country, but now it's just within the context of needing Senate confirmation. So, we got to look at several of them yesterday, and we'll continue to this week.

Jeff Angelo 00:39

And John, this is an issue - a real sore spot with a lot of Republicans and Iowans right now. In fact, I just want to note yesterday, there was a Fox News report on Fox TV that was talking about Soros-backed district attorneys. One of them just got elected in Polk County, Kimberly Graham. So, we have a Soros-backed district attorney now in central Iowa, and John, the Republicans aren't going to give up on this bail reform, letting criminals out theme, right? They're gonna keep hammering away at it.

John Pudner 01:17

It's an issue that works, and you know, anytime elections overall don't go as well as was hoped for many Republicans, you sometimes lose sight that certain issues still work very well, and will continue to, and this is one. I mean, you've seen how the Democrats had to back off defund the police. They mitigated a lot by promising a lot of new funding for new police officers in states where this issue was hurting them to mitigate their damage. But boy, these judicial nominees are going to hurt the ones who've gotten out and committed violent crimes. That's happened all over, that's on governors, that's on some of these judges that Biden has appointed. And then you have even the weird case where the one judge, Julie Covick, who seemed to want to throw in jail a woman who got a stun gun to protect herself from a violent ex-boyfriend, and she's the one he wanted. Yeah, that's the one she thought was a criminal and needed to be locked up. So, it's crazy.

Jeff Angelo 02:15

Well, and (the) 2nd Amendment too, John. I mean, obviously, if you're the Biden Administration, and you're going to make nominations, this is not going to be an issue on which people that are pro-2nd Amendment are going to be happy with these nominees, either. And, there's going to be a lot of scrutiny on that too, including the stun gun incident, as you just said.

John Pudner 02:36

Yeah, I think that in particular, because her decision said that she didn't have the right to stun gun to protect herself because stun guns weren't invented yet when the 2nd Amendment was written. I guess you have to only use the musket that was invented. I mean, I just don't understand that, and this is a lady who actually, you know, picked a less lethal weapon to protect herself. I don't understand the logic there, but, it's Massachusetts, they think a little differently up there.

Jeff Angelo 03:09

But, It's very interesting, as you said, Iowa picks presidents, John. For us, it is going to be 2024 already, because we're already talking about it. Candidates are always showing up. There's debate over whether or not Iowa Democrats will go first, but the crime issue, you think that's got long-term residents with voters, do you?

John Pudner 03:30

It absolutely does, and the way Democratic governors almost all survived this year, only one lost, no Republican governors lost, but what they did is they just came up with a bunch of funding, whether it was money from the government for COVID, and said, "Oh, no, we're gonna hire a bunch of new police officers." So, they knew they had to play defensive - that this was hurting them. I mean, look at Minneapolis, Minnesota, the center of so much over the last couple of years. They rejected the ballot referenda on defund the police efforts. So, this doesn't work anywhere.

Jeff Angelo 04:04

He is the president of the Take Back Action Fund. That is John Pudner providing analysis for us this morning. John, thanks very much.

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