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Join Thousands Who Clicked “Rank the Red” Post

Updated: May 22, 2022

Take Back Action Fund typically focuses on traditional conservative grassroots outreach such as door knocking, events and phone calls. However, in the last couple of days a post on our relatively new Facebook page resulted in hundreds of comments and thousands of clicks on a Newsweek piece in which TBAF compared the plurality format for Ohio’s primaries Tuesday with the way races are run in three other states.

You can read the entire Newsweek story by clicking here, and some excerpts on how states run elections include:

Georgia, with a governor's race between the incumbent Republican and a Donald Trump-endorsed opponent, uses a traditional runoff between the top two candidates if no one gets a majority …

Virginia Republicans used a ranked choice "firehouse" primary to build consensus around one candidate per race … the system was vindicated in Virginia, as the chosen candidates swept a state that had given Joe Biden a 10-point win just one year earlier …

In an (Alaska) campaign called "Rank the Red," Republicans are urged to rank Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka and incumbent Lisa Murkowski first and second, in whichever order they prefer, to ensure they continue to be represented by a Republican.

Of the options in our survey, the only issue more popular among our members than a Final-Five system similar to the Alaska system is Election Integrity. While this survey is not like the scientific poll we ran showing election integrity topping inflation as the top issue, we do want to know which election innovations are most important to you. To let us know, reply to this email, fill out the survey, comment on the Facebook page or call or text 404.606.3163 anytime. We value your input, and rely on donations as well!


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