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TBAF Wisconsin Poll Featured on Top Talk Radio

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Polling by Take Back Action Fund was featured by one of the most popular conservative talk radio hosts in Wisconsin, Dan O’Donnell. He previewed polls by Marquette University and WisRed in this 45 second clip, then later started this 2-3 minute clip by stating that Take Back Action Fund ran the poll for WisRed which showed that among voters in Waukesha, Wisconsin:

Most important issue to address Percent

Election integrity 31.3%

Inflation 24.0%

COVID 13.0%

Crime in your area 10.3%

Local taxes 7.8%

Schools 7.5%

Take Back Action Fund ran the poll for WisRed, which then supported 11 candidates, 10 of whom won primaries to advance to the general election. This included the defeat of a school board member, the same week of the shocking school board recall election in San Francisco, where more than 70 percent of voters voted to oust three school board members who led the later reversed effort to change the name of 44 “injustice-related” named schools while keeping students out of schools.

The Founder and President of Take Back Action Fund ran hundreds of polls, from Presidential to local zoning and referenda issues, for corporate and political clients starting two decades before the formation of Take Back Action Fund.

For more on TBORA's efforts on election integrity, please click here.


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