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Indiana Leading Forward on Election Integrity

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Pictured: Republican Senate Pro Tem Rodric Bray details the annual legislative priorities for the Indiana Senate GOP’s (Source: Indiana Capital Chronicle).

The first and foremost focus for us at TBOR Action is on ensuring the rules that govern elections across our Republic result in free, secure, and fair elections that deliver final results on election day and reflect the will of the voters. After all, without this assurance, none of the other issues we all care about have a chance. As we detailed in an earlier blog, while there are some states that are lagging behind, there are states like Indiana that are helping to lead the way forward on strong, robust, yet common-sense election security reforms.

This, in large part, is due to the work of the Chairman of the Indiana Senate Elections Committee, Sen. Jon Ford (R-Terre Haute), who has worked towards implementing sound measures that help ensure elections across the state are conducted without question or controversy since his appointment as chair in 2021. This sound, steady leadership has continued to the current legislative session, wherein he has proposed legislation on several key election-related issues, including measures that reform absentee voting, require independent forensic audits of Indiana's 2023 and 2024 elections, and implement ballot security measures that ensure the integrity of Indiana's election remains solid.

"I believe the election process is a cornerstone of American democracy and, having served as chair of the committee since 2021, I believe my experience will help guide lawmakers to craft legislation that keeps our elections fair and transparent." - Jon Ford, Indiana State Senator

Sound, steady leadership on this all-important issue is crucial towards restoring faith in elections across our Republic. Much of this progress is also due to work from Rep. Tim Wesco (R-Mishawaka), who chairs the House Elections Committee, as well as from other legislators such as Rep. Kyle Pierce, both of which have sponsored much of the aforementioned legislation and have themselves lead the way on this issue in the Indiana House.

Pictured: House Elections Committee Chair Tim Wesco (R-Mishawaka) and Rep. Kyle Pierce (R-Anderson).

This commitment can also be found with Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales, who was just recently elected as the first Latino statewide officer in state history and campaigned on his commitment to not only, but ensuring that election operations run smoothly throughout the state. During his inaugural ceremony, during which he highlighted both the necessity for strong leadership and the quality of Indiana's election laws:

“My top priority is to make Indiana a national model for election confidence and integrity. I think our election laws are as good as any in the country." - Diego Morales, Indiana Secretary of State

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