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Conservative National Hispanic Leader Joins TBAF Board

The Take Back Action Fund Board of Directors voted unanimously to elect Camille Solberg as the 7th Board Member. TBAF already featured Solberg in a recent post recalling her tremendous work to advance the mission in past years, including connecting TBAF with Wisconsin Rep. Tony Kurtz. Solberg’s bio below will now be featured alongside the other six Take Back Action Fund Governing Board Members on this OUR TEAM page:

Camille Solberg

Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s former Central Regional Director and Minority

Outreach Director Camille Solberg has joined the Board of Directors of Take Back Action Fund. A Puerto Rico native and former bilingual journalist, Solberg served the Chairman’s Advisory Council for the American Latino Museum, in addition to having founded the Hispanic-American Council and served as Chair of Wisconsin Viva Bush (President George W. Bush). She organized multiple heavily-attended Hispanic events for Scott Walker’s successful gubernatorial campaigns, and previously hosted Pudner, a fellow appointee to Mitt Romney’s National Faith & Values Steering Committee, at Walker’s 50th birthday party before a Monday Night Football game in Green Bay as well as major events for Rawhide (the group formed by NFL legend Bart Starr).

Solberg served on the Governing Board of Take Back Action Fund's C3 sister organization until departing to serve in the Trump Administration in the White House and at the U.S. Agency for International Development. She also served in the Bush Administration.

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