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Alaska Congressional Republican Won Head-to-Head Match-up Vs. Other Republican (Palin) and Democrat

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Merry Christmas Eve! While I hope you are enjoying time with your families and various holiday festivities, we here at TBORAF remained focused on key issues like Final Five ranked-choice voting. We recently discussed this here, but I also wanted to highlight an article that specifically talks about what happened earlier this year in Alaska

In this piece, the author lays out how the other Republican, Nick Begich, actually won the head-to-head match-up and would have kept a Republican representing Alaska using the author's preferred method - which still uses ranked-choice ballots, BUT only if one candidate does not beat all competitors head to head, which Republican Nick Begich did.

Linked here is the full article, which I highly encourage you all take some time to read.

To read more on TBORA's efforts on Final Five, please click here.

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