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Take Back Action Fund or TBAF (also recognized by the IRS as Take Back Our Republic Action Fund) launched on May 5, 2015, three months after its sister organization Take Back Our Republic (Take Back).

Some strong conservatives with deep experience in politics, campaigns, and government believed in the educational effort of Take Back, but sought to advocate policies and implement specific solutions activities which go beyond the scope of the efforts of Take Back. TBAF is a conservative, non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization, while Take Back is a 501(c)(3).  (See details on

TBAF fills the void of center-right groups working to determine the “rules of the game.” For too long, some groups on the Left monopolized these terms - rules for redistricting, voter registration, ranked choice voting, voter ID - for partisan gain.


TBAF supports voting innovationsto allow the citizens’ true voices to be heard through compact districts based on communities of interest, not the gerrymandering advocated by some on the Left to maximize Democratic gains by “suing states until they are out of money and blue.” The Ohio redistricting reform proposed by TBOR and then supported by the Action Fund was endorsed by both major state parties is a great example and a path to avoid the attempts to elect partisan state appellate courts to redraw district lines.


TBAF supports voting innovations to correct a system that allows massive hidden donations that make it easy for special interests to win billion-dollar contracts and foreign entities to sway our elections. Take Back Advisory Board Member Peter Schweizer (best-selling author of Profiles in Corruption, Secret Empires, Clinton Cash, Extortion, and many others) uncovered many of these schemes.  These schemes go as far back as the Chinese contributions to Bill Clinton’s campaign investigated by Congressman Tom Davis in the late ‘90s. 

Too often the Left uses the term “campaign finance reform” simply to attack successful conservative donors. TBAF focuses on corruption from the national level down to the state local level.  That’s where big donors win local dollars and zoning decisions that harm local residents with significant problems, including traffic and flooding.

TBAF supports voting innovations to ensure voters have more choices.  These innovations include elected, rather than appointed, school boards and instant runoffs to allow military serving overseas and all Americans the opportunity to vote for back-up choices in case their first choice does not finish in the top two. This solution eliminates the incentive for the Left to recruit and fund falsely labeled “libertarian” or “pro-life” spoiler candidates to keep a Republican below 50%, while eliminating the millions of dollars in wasted tax money to fund traditional runoffs.

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