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Wisconsin Newsletter: Final 5 Legislation Introduced

Legislators introduced a bill Wednesday to bring Final 5 voting to Wisconsin (see AP Story), a year after Nevada voters approved the method in the same election in which they defeated the Democratic Governor who opposed Final 5. Soon after the Wisconsin legislation was introduced, a major Wisconsin outlet offered to host the debate I proposed against opponents of the Final 5, and I immediately accepted and hope they do as well.

We are joining other conservatives in asking people to talk to their legislators about the proposal, as we all believe the question is a lot more straightforward than some critics pretend. The bill as currently written would only be used in Congressional and US Senate races, but we hope legislators will expand the language to also be used in Presidential races—since Wisconsin’s 2020 Presidential election is the perfect case study for Final 5.

In that election, we see clearly how big-money liberals use data targeting to game the current system. They convinced 48,893 voters wanting a President who advocated for smaller government, opposed judicial activism, or supported pro-life laws to vote for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th candidate in the race, siphoning off enough votes to leave Donald Trump 20,000 votes behind Joe Biden.

Under Final 5, each of those 48,893 voters would have had the option of having their votes transferred to Trump when their candidate did not finish in the top two—more than twice as many as Trump needed to win. Their votes would not have fallen by the wayside.

This same method that thwarted Wisconsin conservatives has been used for decades in Nevada. Left-wing Majority Leader Harry Reid won his first race in 1974 but was still using the same spoiler tactic in 1998 to win without a majority. Like the Wisconsin effort to split the conservative vote to elect Biden, Reid’s operation convinced just enough conservatives to vote for the far-right American Independence Party, Libertarian Party and pro-life Natural Law Party to let him win with between 47% and 48% of the vote.

When Final 5 was put on the ballot in 2022 it would have ended Reid’s practice by forcing a candidate to get a majority to win, so Soros-backed Nevada liberals galvanized themselves into action to stop Final 5: Gov. Steve Sisolak and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto fought hard against it, even going so far as to file a suit to get it off the ballot, and Reid’s long-time campaign manager ran the stop Final 5 campaign.

The Soros-backed team lost. Nevada voters not only rejected this attempt to dilute and divide conservative votes, but also defeated Sisolak -- the only incumbent Governor to lose his re-election bid in 2022.

Now, some are fundraising by urging Wisconsin voters to convince their legislators to side with the Soros-backed liberals and oppose Final 5. This would allow liberals to go on winning with less than 50 percent of the vote -- letting them continue to use the same “spoiler candidate” model to win almost all statewide elections in Wisconsin.

But you don’t have to fall for it. Instead, you can encourage your legislator to support Final 5—giving pro-life, small-government and Constitutional conservatives the ability to transfer their votes to the Republican if their first-choice candidate does not finish in the top two.


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