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Will Biden Survive Democrat Revolt Amidst Border Crisis?: WSJK (Champaign, IL) Fox News Interview

On his way back to his home turf of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, President John Pudner continued his radio tour across our Republic analyzing President Trump and Biden’s simultaneous visits to Texas amidst a border crisis that, as has been covered extensively in previous posts, has affected every locality across our Republic in it’s own unique and personal ways, including in Illinois, where Pudner once again traveled to Champaign. The interview took place less than two hours south of Chicago-O’Hare airport, which has housed over one thousand illegal migrants detained in Texas for nearly two years, so overcrowded that, as seen by photos at the airport’s bussing station, they’re practically spilling onto the walkways utilized by tens of millions each year as they travel to and from one of America’s busiest airports. 

It’s become yet another example of once shining beacons of national pride and prosperity turning into symbols of decay, disorder, and decline - something not lost on Biden's team as evidenced by his recent visit. 

This latest move is one of many recently made by the Biden campaign amidst not only increased speculation and rumors of his potential ousting as the Democratic nominee, but by notable recent polling not only noting voters concerns about Biden's age, temperament, and readiness, but most notably, showing Democrats of all stripes souring on his candidacy. According to a recent New York Times-Siena College poll, only 46% of Democrat primary voters believe Joe Biden should be their nominee, with 45% against and 9% undecided, a number reflected in recent counter-movements to vote uncommitted, other polling showcasing near-universal disdain of his tenure, and party figures trying to fill the void.

These numbers have fueled those like California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has sought increased spotlight on both the national stage through his Fox News debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and spending on multiple advertisements prominently featuring himself and/or his name in Florida, Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and most recently, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama - quite the slew of states and high-profile moves for someone not currently slated as a presidential candidate. Amidst figures such as Newsom practically chomping at the bits for their opportunity, record-low approval ratings, record-high concerns by the vast majority of voters about age and fitness, and increasing disapproval among the very Democrats he needs, could we be seeing the final days of Joe Biden’s political career?

Host Stevie Jay and President John Pudner discuss this speculation, analyze Biden’s trip to the border, and ponder as to what chances, if any, there are of the DNC accelerating succession plans and hoisting upon the electorate a different figure for their consideration.


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Stevie Jay and TBOR Action President John Pudner


Stevie Jay  00:00

It is always a pleasure to welcome John Pudner. He was a man that pretty much in the swamp for a while, didn't you, John?


John Pudner  00:12

Don't know if I should go to DC, but I see people there.


Stevie Jay  00:16

Well, that's how you do it. John Pudner could be President if he lived in Milwaukee. That'd be all right. Take Back Our Republic Action, he was a Bush 2000 aide, and the only person in US history to run a campaign defeating the majority leader in a primary. So, both Biden and Trump are going to have dueling visits to the border. How do I explain it in words? They had, like, 17 people come in, clean up the shop when the President comes, right? I What's going on? What does it matter at this point? He hasn't come, he hasn't gone yet, but he's seen the polls. Is that what's happening?


John Pudner  01:03

Reality crunch numbers, that's what's happening. It's funny, had a couple of Texas interviews recently, and they obviously know the geography better, nothing happens where Biden's going to, it's a spot where there's no risk of visuals of immigrants crossing the border or anything else. It's damage control at this point. 20% think he's handling the border well...


Stevie Jay  01:26

Where can we find one of those people? I would really like to talk to him. Are they not aware? Have they never seen a video? So he's going to a spot that's gonna look good visually, and then he's gonna be on the ground for, what, an hour, and then back on the plane?


John Pudner  01:47

Yeah, I think that's about it. And what's hitting him in the polls is not just that only 20% agree with how he's handling it, this has become the number one issue along with inflation, depending on how you ask the question, but that's no better for him either. So, you got close to 30% on each of those issues, and I'd say we've been our east with door knockers, not the border area, and it's by far the biggest issue, they're more say immigration more than anything else, all of the issues combined, and it's because they connected this to something, fentanyl deaths, or crime, or this Georgia student who was killed by an illegal immigrant in what's basically a sanctuary city. It just hits home. There has to be a real non-theoretical, and this is a huge problem.


Stevie Jay  02:46

We've added people, and of course, we've all been railing about this, or I have anyway, but I certainly say this is tantamount to taking the front door off your home. You wouldn't do that. Well, why not? Because somebody might come in that might hurt you. There are people now, elements, where Venezuela's emptying their prisons, we're allowing people in, but for Joe Biden politically, and there's a list of people that have harmed, and murdered, and sexually assault, and all these other things coming with illegal immigrants. This is his issue, isn't it? I mean, you're not gonna get away from the fact that Trump is way ahead on this issue with Joe Biden.


John Pudner  03:30

Your analogy is great, and to further show how Trump was ahead of the game, a lot of conservatives don't realize when he proposed the wall, that's never been a 50% issue until the last year. It was kind of made fun of everything else, but for the first time now, over 50% are saying they want the wall built, only 31% saying no. They're taking that next step of maybe I'm being mugged by reality here, he's that far ahead of the game. It took the majority of Americans eight years to catch up and say we do have to have a wall and your analogy is perfect.


Stevie Jay  04:12

And again, no matter what anything comes out, no matter what, Republicans are colluding with Russia. I heard that yesterday. Well, John, is that still playing? What are we doing?


John Pudner  04:28

You're a little closer than I am, but I don't think so, that's my read on it. I don't think they get away from it. Yeah. Best case for Biden is to say it's Congress, they agreed to this agreement with us, but he's got the history now. Nate Silver was out there a year ago saying if he rescinds Title 42, which he did, that's pretty devastating for him. Nate Silver is just counting numbers. That's an executive order, that's on him, you can't talk about that big suffering that comes with this girl in Georgia. I mean, he says you can no longer deport these people if you catch them, and that's just gonna be on Joe Biden in this election.


Stevie Jay  05:07

Do you really believe he's gonna make it? I'm standing by my gun, I just don't think Joe Biden will be their nominee.


John Pudner  05:19

The thing I always remind people is if this were a Risk game, he wouldn't be your nominee, you take him out. You just always have to convince the one person, and these candidates sometimes with their egos...


Stevie Jay  05:33

You do the Richard Nixon, you say we'll impeach you tomorrow and the Democrats are all in, what do you want to do? I mean, Democrats need to understand that Donald Trump can beat Joe Biden, right?


John Pudner  05:44

Yeah, I think so. He certainly doesn't want the New York Times laying out scenarios for the convention, they're definitely trying to lay the groundwork, and at some point, Biden's gonna have someone tell him he's got to have to step aside. There's no way Trump could beat the egos involved. That's the moment none of us will be there for to see if it happens.


Stevie Jay  06:08

I could write a novel and talk about the first family, and I'm starting to think it's Jill Biden, who's calling the shots. Pretty wild, huh? Hey, listen, always a pleasure, John. How can people reach you?


John Pudner  06:29 is the best place to start. Love to do events around the country, so certainly shooting down the road from Milwaukee is easy.


Stevie Jay  06:38

Thank you John, we appreciate it very much.


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