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Westwood One Radio: TBAF President Addresses Cancel Culture and Politics

Radio listeners to Westwood One’s 7,300 radio stations throughout the country heard their longest-serving talk show host Jim Bohannon interview Take Back Action Fund President John Pudner Wednesday night. Bohannon took over the 3-hour time slot in 1992 from Larry King when King’s show moved to CNN daytime. During the hour-long interview, Bohannon questioned whether or not President Biden had read the Georgia Election Integrity bill he was criticizing and asked Pudner why corporate America seems to back down to cancel culture in such cases. He also asked for Pudner’s take as a former political consultant regarding potential Presidential candidates, and while stressing Take Back Action Fund does not endorse candidates, Pudner laid out why Gov. Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley could ultimately be the final two for the GOP nomination, why some candidates' stock has fallen, and a couple of possible surprises such as Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Gov. John Sununu of New Hampshire. Pudner closed by noting election reforms needed in light of liberals $10 billion to $5 billion money advantage in 2020 elections, and the need for a Final 5 instant runoff system in light of the growing number of Libertarians and other candidates splitting the Republican vote. Click here for the full interview.

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