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Trump Ahead After 1 "Guilty" Turns into 34 In NYC

I will be the monthly guest on Fox News Radio on July 2nd from 6 am to 10 am Central. After examining polls conducted since the New York jury transformed one “guilty” charge into 34 (as outlined in my latest monthly NewsMax column). Here is the snapshot:

  1. “Convicted” Trump Pulls Ahead. Trump is now leading or tied in seven states he lost in 2020. If all other states remain unchanged, Trump needs 35 of the 90 electoral votes from those seven states, which he could achieve by winning 4 of the 7, or by securing victories in the 2 largest states (Pennsylvania and Georgia), or through some other combination. Many liberals appear shocked that the label "convicted felon" has not damaged Trump's standing, failing to recognize that more voters view the precedent of eliminating a political opponent through the courts as the most significant threat to democracy.

  2. Tulsi & Scott Help, Other VPs Hurt. According to non-public polls, every vice president Trump is considering would slightly lower Trump’s poll numbers except for Tulsi Gabbard (with whom I spoke on Friday, as shown in the left photo) and Tim Scott.

  3. Kennedy Costs Trump 3 pts. In the 7 battleground states, Robert F. Kennedy takes 5 percent from Trump and 2 percent from Biden. Kennedy does not hurt Trump nationally, but the President is not selected by a national popular vote and Kennedy costs Trump 3 percent in the seven battleground states that will determine the next President.

  4. Stein-West Help Trump 3 pts. In those same states, Jill Stein and Cornell West take 3 percent from Biden and none from Trump, thereby increasing Trump's support by 3 points. This suggests that while Final 5 would have significantly boosted Trump in 2020, it does not benefit either candidate this year if all three are on the ballot. However, if only Kennedy secures a spot on the ballot, the lack of Final 5 will cost Trump about 3 points in each battleground state from his current poll numbers.

NewsMax Column: 1 "Guilty" Turns into 34 In NYC

If you did not see my monthly NewsMax Column last week, please click to read starting with this excerpt:

A close look at the actual 34 convictions is something like saying, "This kid is bad news, he was convicted on 34 counts of shoplifting."

If it were then explained that the kid stole a package of candy and when arrested he already had opened the pack and was found guilty in seven different cases of stealing a yellow candy, seven cases of stealing a red candy, etc., you would quickly conclude that he should have only faced one charge.

While the dollars are larger, this attempt at splitting one count into 34 is pretty clear even just reading through the charges in a liberal outlet such as this list in Yahoo News – but to give a little more legal explanation beyond what Yahoo wrote:

“One $130,000 hush money payment becomes 34 felony convictions by counting as a separate felony: (1) each monthly invoice submitted by Cohen to Trump in February through December 2017 (totaling $130,000); (2) each entry into a Trump business ledger noting payment of these invoices from Trump's then-lawyer as "legal expenses" for each of those months; (3) each entry into a different Trump business ledger for those same monthly reimbursements noting them as "legal expenses"; and (4) check stubs from Trump paying those monthly reimbursements noting them as "legal expenses."

But since most Americans paid little or no attention to the trial according to PBS polling, the only thing they may know is there were 34 guilty counts and assume he did all kinds of things the jury found illegal.

Please click here to read the entire piece.


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