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TBOR President Featured on Largest TV Station is AL Capitol

The largest TV station in Alabama’s Capital City interviewed Take Back Our Republic President Francis Johnson regarding a November 3 ballot initiative.

Take Back Our Republic, and its sister organization Take Back Action Fund, both oppose the measure as stated in the news clip from Johnson, whose family ties in the area predate him serving as President of the Alabama-based organization, with military ancestors including his uncle, a Tuskegee Airman.

“I think it was rushed through because of the COVID situation. They did the minimal amount of public input,” Johnson told WSFA (Channel 12 in Montgomery).

Politicians seeking to more than double the tax despite a history of the misuse of funds sought to do it in a year in which Covid provided obstacles to the normal public hearings. Howeve,r the politicians had many options short of trying to rush through a doubling of taxes without a chance for public input. Many governmental hearings utilize zoom hearings, and elected officials have call-in town halls, so a virtual method to allow input or simply waiting until Covid was not a threat would have allowed Montgomery residents to weigh in on committing to doubling their taxes - since the tax would not take effect until 2024 regardless.

Click here to watch the entire newscast.


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