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TBAF volunteers attend GA GOP Fish Fry to educate on Instant Runoff

Take Back Action Fund attended the annual GOP Fish Fry in Perry, GA to explain what an instant runoff system would mean for the state. Citizens of Georgia were energized when learning about the positive impact an Instant Runoff system would make in their state. TBAF representative Noah Durham got the opportunity to meet with Governor Kemp on this effort and the idea was well-received! Currently, when no candidate receives a majority of the votes, states can handle the results in one of two ways. In some states, whoever has the plurality of votes wins. It's possible to elect a candidate with as little as 34 percent of the vote in a three-way race even if that candidate is the candidate most opposed by 66 percent of the voters. In other states, a runoff is held a few weeks later. The taxpayers have to foot the bill to have people come back to the polls to vote again between the top two candidates. This forces candidates to quickly raise and spend money for a very low turnout election. The advantages of an instant runoff system in Georgia include the following: 1. The last choice of the majority of voters can no longer win as the "lesser of two evils," and even is a voter's first choice does not win, they are likely to get their second choice. 2. Taxpayers do not pay for a second runoff election. 3. This would reduce the likelihood of "spoiler" candidates who are often funded by allies of one of the other candidates running. 4. There is a built-in incentive to have fewer attack ads. Candidates and Committees won't see a negative campaign of attacks as the preferred strategy to be everyone's second choice.

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